Mosby's Anatomy Coloring Book

Mosby's Anatomy Coloring Book


This innovative new resource covers basic body systems, beginning with the skin and ending with the reproductive system. The illustrations have been created specifically for this book, and each features a simplicity of scope and format that is perfect for introductory anatomy and physiology courses. To ensure that students approach each figure correctly, all pages contain a brief statement describing the body system and directions for completion. From there, the student can color each body part and identify them by name using the labeled leader lines.
  • Original, simple illustrations make coloring and body part identification easy
  • The basic scope ensures that students will not be overwhelmed with information that is not needed for their course
  • Perforated pages facilitate classroom study and review, and provide flexibility to both the instructor and the student
  • Each figure is backed by a blank page so students can make notes regarding any given body part without interfering with the illustration
  • The corresponding answer key located in the back of the book provides a quick reference for the student to check accuracy and spelling
  • A pronunciation guide, listed after the answer key, has been created to ensure students pronounce medical terms with accuracy and confidence
  • A real value for students needing to purchase required texts
Unit 1 The Skin
Unit 2 The Skeletal System
Unit 3 The Muscular System
Unit 4 The Nervous System
Unit 5 The Eye
Unit 6 The Ear
Unit 7 Nose, Mouth, and Throat
Unit 8 The Teeth
Unit 9 The Heart
Unit 10 The Circulatory System
Unit 11 The Lungs
Unit 12 Lymphatics and the Spleen
Unit 13 The Endocrine System
Unit 14 The Digestive System
Unit 15 The Urinary System
Unit 16 The Male Reproductive System
Unit 17 The Female Reproductive System


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