Structure & Function of the Body - Soft Cover Version, 12th Edition

Structure & Function of the Body - Soft Cover Version, 12th Edition


The 12th edition of this popular text continues to build on the solid foundation of previous versions, and its updated full-color illustration program, centralized themes, easy-to-understand language, and solid pedagogical features provide a clear structure for student learning. Elaborate full-color illustrations, centralized themes, simplistic language, and solid learning features encourage reader comprehension of the material.

    • Over 330 illustrations visually clarify difficult concepts.
    • Cadaver photos provide a true visualization of the human body.

    • Vocabulary Terms are provided at the end of each chapter, bolded within the text, and located in the Comprehensive Glossary at the end of the text.
    • Readers can evaluate their own mastery of chapter content by doing the Collaborative Learning Activities and completing the Chapter Test and Review Questions.

    • A Medical Abbreviations, Prefixes, and Suffixes appendix provides quick reference to common terms.

    • Objectives clearly detail what the reader should learn from the chapter.
    • The Outline Summary at the end of each chapter gives the reader a succinct recap of important content.
    • The clear, straightforward writing style makes content easy to read and understand.

    • Health and Well Being, Clinical Application, and Research, Issues, and Trends boxes help readers to apply what they have learned.

    • Study Tips are listed at the end of each chapter, ensuring reading comprehension and review.

      • Chemistry of Life chapter provides a solid introduction to important chemistry information.

      • Quick Check boxes offer students the chance to check their basic reading comprehension at the end of each passage.

      • Science Applications boxes summarize the professions that make use of the concepts in each chapter to improve our quality of life.
      1. An Introduction to the Structure and Function of the Body
      2. Chemistry of Life NEW!
      3. Cells and Tissues
      4. Organ Systems of the Body
      5. The Integumentary System and Body Membranes
      6. The Skeletal System
      7. The Muscular System
      8. The Nervous System
      9. The Senses
      10. The Endocrine System
      11. Blood
      12. The Circulatory System
      13. The Lymphatic System and Immunity
      14. The Respiratory System
      15. The Digestive System
      16. Nutrition and Metabolism
      17. The Urinary System
      18. Fluids and Electrolyte Balance
      19. Acid-Base Balance
      20. The Reproductive Systems
      21. Growth and Development
      Appendix A: Body Mass Index
      Appendix B: Common Medical Abbreviations, Prefixes, and Suffixes
      Gary A. Thibodeau, PhD, Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, River Falls, WI and Kevin T. Patton, PhD, Professor of Life Science, St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, MO, Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Instruction (adjunct), New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, NY, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Physiology, Saint Louis University Medical School, St. Louis, MO


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