Dental Practice Tool Kit - Patient Handouts, Forms, and Letters

Dental Practice Tool Kit - Patient Handouts, Forms, and Letters


This combination book and CD-ROM contains a wealth of helpful patient education handouts and front office/business documents - in both English and Spanish. It includes office records and tracking forms for routine office procedures; letters to insurance providers, new patients, and specialists; clearly written updates on the latest HIPAA guidelines; and many other frequently used materials. Best of all, the CD-ROM allows users to customize any of these documents to meet their own dental practice and individual patient needs.
  • A variety of practical and easy-to-use letters, forms, charts, instructions, and educational materials to address many administrative and patient needs
  • The ability to customize both the look and content of all documents to reflect the corporate identity of the dental practice and address the specific concerns of each patient
  • Book and CD-ROM contain the same information and documentation for consistency and ease of use
  • English and Spanish versions of every page conveniently available in the book and on the CD-ROM
  • Attractive art for patient handouts available for printout on the CD-ROM
  • Space reserved on patient handouts for insertion of dentist's specific comments and instructions
  • Full section in Part 2 of the book devoted to compiling educational packets for patients
  • Sample packets containing cover art for each topic
  • A highly detailed table of contents, including Content at a Glance — a brief overview of the documents and material covered within each section — to quickly locate specific documents
  • Almost all documents limited to a single page in length for ease of use and practicality

Section 1 Practice Administration
Section 2 Patient Letters and Forms
Section 3 Insurance Narratives
Section 4 Referral Letters and Forms


Section 5 Cosmetic Dentistry
Section 6 Endodontics
Section 7 General Dentistry
Section 8 Orthodontics
Section 9 Pediatric Dentistry
Section 10 Periodontics
Section 11 Prosthodontics
Section 12 Restorative Dentistry
Section 13 Patient Education Packets


Educational Packet Cover Art


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