201 Secrets of a High-Performance Dental Practice

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201 Secrets of a High-Performance Dental Practice


This text is a one-of-a-kind compilation of the collective wisdom of many of the country's most successful dentists. It provides a blueprint for career advancement and how to jump-start a practice for self-employed dentists and other specialists. A number of impressive features, including: Tested Tips, Hard Learned Lessons, and Success Files provide readers with the knowledge and experience it takes to build and maintain a successful practice. Readers will learn the best methods from experienced practitioners, as well as how to correct mistakes within their own practice.

  • Unique format of 201 easy-to-read, ready-to-use, proven strategies for building a high performance dental practice make it simple to apply concepts to real-world experiences.
  • Success Secrets feature strategies, tactics, and tested tips from high performance dentists, with additional insights from practitioners in other professions, giving readers a diverse approach to practice and personnel management.
  • Hard Learned Lessons include bits of wisdom from a wide cross-section of practices, offering the opportunity to learn from others' experiences, saving the reader time, money, and stress.
  • The chapter on branding your practice explains how dentists can send out the right messages about what patients can expect, resulting in more loyal patients and more referrals.
  • Competitive Advantage gives readers everything necessary to attract new patients, charge premium fees, generate more word-of-mouth referrals, and derive greater satisfaction from their practice.
  • Emotional Connection offers 13 significant ways to establish an emotional connection with patients, in ways that will be meaningful and appreciated.
  • The chapter Secrets of Savvy Networking Strategies presents methods to produce a stream of referrals from general dentists, specialists, physicians, ENTs, surgeons, pediatricians, and more.
  • Market Research Techniques help the practitioner make his or her practice more appealing to patients, staff members, referring physicians, and others.
  • The Secrets of Successful Case Presentations chapter details what needs to be done to achieve more case acceptance and patient compliance on maintenance visits, with far less time and effort expended.
  • The Golden Opportunities for Practice Growth chapter presents great opportunities to earn more revenue, decrease stress, and derive more enjoyment out of practice.
  • Several chapters are devoted to sharing the author's real world, down to earth strategies for acquiring and maintaining a productive staff: Build a High Performance Team, Get the Right People on Board, and Secrets of Staff Retention.
1. Be Different. Or Better. Preferably Both.
2. Establish an Emotional Connection
3. Take Your Practice to the Next Level: Make it a “Brand”
4. Long Range Strategic Planning
5. Golden Opportunities for Practice Growth
6. Secrets of Savvy Networking
7. Patient Expectations, Satisfaction and Loyalty
8. Secrets of Successful Case Presentations
9. Hard Learned Lessons About Fees
10. Measure What Matters to Patients
11. Get the Right People on Board
12. Be an “Employer of Choice”
13. Secrets of Staff Retention
14. Build a High Performance Team
15. Action Steps to Ignite Practice Growth
Bob Levoy, President, Success Dynamics Inc., Roslyn, NY


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