The Practice of Patient Education, 10th Edition

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The Practice of Patient Education, 10th Edition


With patients leaving the hospital sicker and more care being done in outpatient settings or at home, patients need to become active, informed participants on their health care team. This one-of-a-kind text provides unique advice to help nurses apply their knowledge and skills to teaching patients in the clinical setting with specific diseases, including special populations. The book is organized into two basic sections - the first describes the theories and process of learning and teaching, and the second focuses on the major fields of patient education practice in place today. The new case study approach also makes it easy for students to understand how to apply teaching strategies to specific patient types resulting in better informed patients and a more positive teaching/learning experience.
  • Covers a variety of learning theories and concepts, as well as strategies for applying them in patient teaching.
  • Uses evidence-based patient education practice, with extensive citations to the research base.
  • Presents key issues in patient education such as literacy, use of patient decision aids, and multiple patient conditions for which organized patient education should be developed.
  • Includes study questions with suggested answers.
  • Teaching basics streamlined for use as the main text for a course or as a supplement to any clinically oriented course.
  • Includes multiple case examples, at every stage of the teaching process, which students can use as models to guide their own practice.
  • New case study approach provides multiple case examples enabling readers to understand how to apply teaching strategies to specific patient types and settings.
  • Now includes significant content in patient self-management of chronic conditions, the largest growing area of patient education.
1. The Practice of Patient Education: Overview, Motivation and Learning

2. Educational Objectives and Instruction

3. Evaluation in Patient Education

4. Cancer Patient Education

5. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Patient Education

6. Diabetes Self-Management Education

7. Education for Pregnancy and Parenting, and Educating Children

8. Other Areas of Patient Education Practice

9. Patient Education Delivery, Health Policy and New Directions

Appendix A: Suggested Answers to Study Questions

Appendix B: Additional Study Aids
Barbara Klug Redman, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean and Professor, Wayne State University College of Nursing, Detroit, MI


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