Pharmacology Principles: Roadside Assistance (DVD and Workbook)

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Pharmacology Principles: Roadside Assistance (DVD and Workbook)


Pharmacology Principles: Roadside Assistance presents and reinforces the core principles of pharmacology through a dynamic DVD and workbook package with a unique, engaging approach. The friendly and fun Alan Agins guides you through challenging concepts in a humorous, non-threatening manner.
  • DVD features Alan Agins in 10 presentations (40 minutes) of dynamic video footage covering the core pharmacology principles all nursing students need to know.
  • Workbook introduces, summarizes, and reinforces the principles depicted in the DVD.
  • Each workbook module concludes with a variety of learning activities and a Test Your Knowledge quiz section including NCLEX„¥ examination-style review questions.
  • Individual DVD/workbook modules address drug therapy for pediatric, older adult, and pregnant and lactating patients.
  • Glossary reviews important, often confusing, terminology.
  • Unique approach engages and teaches in a way no other pharmacology text can.
1. Pharmacology: Speaking the Language

2. Know Your Rights

3. Pharmacokinetics I

4. Pharmacokinetics II

5. Pharmacodynamics

6. Medication Errors

7. Drug Therapy with Pediatric Patients

8. Drug Therapy with Older Adults

9. Drug Therapy with Pregnant and Lactating Patients

10. It’s All About the Patient
Alan P. Agins, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Brown University Medical School, Providence, RI; President, PRN Associates, Continuing Healthcare Education, Tucson, Arizona and Kathleen Jo Gutierrez, PhD, RN, BC-ANP, BC-CNS, Independent Practice, Littleton, CO; Associate Professor School of Nursing, University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO


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