cover image - Rehabilitation Nursing,4th Edition
ISBN: 9780323045551
Page Count: 1232
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $99.95

Rehabilitation Nursing,4th Edition

by Shirley P. Hoeman, PhD, MPH, RN, CRRN, CS
cover image - Rehabilitation Nursing,4th Edition
ISBN: 9780323045551
Page Count: 1232
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $99.95
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Widely respected in the marketplace as the most comprehensive, authoritative, forward looking text available, the new edition maintains and reinforces that position with the inclusion of the latest topics and practices possible, written by some of the leading rehabilitation nursing specialists in the US, Australia, and Britain. This edition provides new chapters on the cutting edge topics of rehabilitation care for people with developmental disabilities, patient safety, and pharmacology. New Concept Maps accompany the popular Case Studies in key clinical chapters to help readers better understand how to plan appropriate care.
    • Comprehensive text with a holistic presentation of rehabilitation nursing care.
    • Highly referenced and research-based to provide an outstanding resource for practicing nurses and students.
    • Explores issues that impact the delivery of rehabilitation care such as ethical, economic, educational, and political considerations.
    • Integrates lifespan and cultural considerations throughout the text to provide nurses with important information on dealing with a diverse patient population.
    • Includes current NIC/NOC interventions and outcomes for all topics.
    • Case Studies with Critical Thinking Questions help reader integrate and apply chapter content.
    • New chapter on Rehabilitation Nursing Care of People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities discusses the challenges and limitations of rehabilitation for these patients and how to provide the best care possible.
    • New chapter on Patient Safety focuses on risk factors and how to provide safe care.
    • New chapter on Pharmacology for Rehabilitation provides basic information to assist nurses in pharmacological management for their clients.
    • Concept maps for case studies in clinical chapters help integrate key information for multi-disciplinary care planning.
    • Expanded coverage of Legal & Ethical Issues tracks the changes in US laws regarding access for people with disabilities, including a complete evaluation of the state of current legislation related to rehabilitation nursing.
  • Part I Foundations of Rehabilitation Nursing

    1 History, Issues, and Trends

    2 Theory and Practice: Models for Rehabilitation Nursing

    3 Legal and Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Nursing

    4 Research-Based Rehabilitation Nursing Practice

    5 Outcome-Directed Client and Family Education

    6 Cultural and Medical Systems: Conventional, Alternative, and Complementary Health Patterns

    7 Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Nursing

    Part II Management for Client-Centered Programs

    8 Administration and Leadership

    9 Quality: Indicators and Management

    10 Patient Safety

    11 Evaluation and Outcome Measures

    12 Community-Based Rehabilitation

    13 Case Management

    Part III Health Patterns: Systems Functions

    14 Functional Mobility

    15 Skin Integrity

    16 Nourishment and Swallowing

    17 Respiration and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

    18 Bladder Elimination and Continence

    19 Bowel Elimination and Regulation

    20 Muscle and Skeletal Function

    21 Neuromuscular Disorders

    Part IV Health Patterns: Psychosocial Functions

    22 Client and Family Coping

    23 Rehabilitation Involving the Senses, Sensation, Perception, and Pain

    24 Communication: Language and Pragmatics

    25 Cognition and Behavior

    26 Sleep

    27 Sexuality

    28 Lifestyle / Recreation

    29 Spirituality

    Pat V Restoration and Rehabilitation: Special Populations

    30 Rehabilitation Nursing Care of People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

    31 Pediatric Rehabilitation Nursing

    32 Gerontological Rehabilitation Nursing

    33 Cardiac and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

    34 Restoration After Burn Injury

    35 The Regulatory and Immune Systems and the Client with HIV

    36 Renal Rehabilitation

    37 Cancer Rehabilitation
  • Shirley P. Hoeman, PhD, MPH, RN, CRRN, CS, Health Systems Consultations, International, Naples, MA
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