cover image - Radiologic Science for Technologists,9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323048378
Page Count: 704
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $110.00

Radiologic Science for Technologists,9th Edition

by Stewart C. Bushong, ScD, FACR, FACMP
cover image - Radiologic Science for Technologists,9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323048378
Page Count: 704
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $110.00
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Develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding technical factors and diagnostic imaging quality with this highly detailed, vibrantly illustrated, full-color resource. Updated with the latest advances in radiologic science, this new edition addresses a broad range of radiologic disciplines, providing a strong foundation in the study and practice of radiologic physics, imaging, radiobiology, radiation protection, and more. Unique learning tools strengthen your understanding of key concepts, and challenging review exercises help you prepare for success on the ARRT certification exam and in the workplace.
    • Quick-reference guides printed on colored end sheets provide easy access to frequently used formulas, conversion tables, abbreviations, and more.
    • Special Math Formulas boxes and Important Concepts boxes emphasize key chapter content.
    • A full-color design highlights important information and clarifies concepts.
    • Objectives, key terms, outlines, introductions, and summaries for every chapter help you organize material and identify vital information.
    • Challenge Questions at the end of each chapter test your understanding of terms, concepts, and formulas with a variety of definition exercises, short answer questions, and calculations.
    • Significant chapter updates help you ensure success on the ARRT exam and keep you current with the latest practices in mammography, interventional radiology, multislice spiral computed tomography, and radiation protection.
    • A new chapter on The Digital Image identifies the benefits and challenges of working with digital imaging and familiarizes you with technology you’ll encounter in the clinical setting.
    • A new Viewing the Digital Image chapter guides you through the most up-to-date viewing practices to ensure an accurate understanding.
    • An expanded glossary introduces important new terms common to today’s practice settings.
  • Part I Radiologic Physics

    1. Concepts of Radiologic Science

    2. Fundamentals of Radiologic Science

    3. The Structure of Matter

    4. Electromagnetic Energy

    5. Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism

    Part II The X-ray Beam

    6. The X-ray Imaging System

    7. The X-ray Tube

    8. X-ray Production

    9. X-ray Emission

    10. X-ray Interaction with Matter

    Part III The Radiograph

    11. Radiographic Film

    12. Processing the Latent Image

    13. Radiographic Intensifying Screens

    14. Control of Scatter Radiation

    15. Radiographic Technique

    16. Image Quality

    17. Image Artifacts

    18. Quality Control

    Part IV Advanced X-ray Imaging

    19. Mammography

    20. Mammography Quality Control

    21. Fluoroscopy

    22. Interventional Radiology

    23. Multislice Spiral Computed Tomography

    Part V Digital Imaging

    24. Computer Science

    25. Computed Radiography

    26. Digital Radiography

    27. Digital Fluoroscopy

    28. The Digital Image - NEW!

    29. Viewing the Digital Image - NEW!

    30. Digital Display Quality Control

    31. Digital Image Artifacts

    Part VI Radiobiology

    32. Human Biology

    33. Fundamental Principles of Radiobiology

    34. Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology

    35. Early Effects of Radiation

    36. Late Effects of Radiation

    Part VII Radiation Protection

    37. Health Physics

    38. Designing for Radiation Protection

    39. Patient Radiation Dose Management

    40. Occupational Radiation Dose Management


    Illustration Credits
  • Stewart C. Bushong, ScD, FACR, FACMP, Professor of Radiologic Science, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
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