Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, 4th Edition

Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, 4th Edition


With thorough coverage of the knowledge you need to practice, MOSBY'S FUNDAMENTALS OF THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE, 4th Edition provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of massage and the latest therapeutic modalities and equipment, as well as important practice management topics such as ethics, legal issues, and best business practices. Focused on clinical reasoning and competency-based outcomes, this new edition includes two companion DVDs with over three hours of video on techniques, body mechanics, case studies, and more, plus anatomy and physiology animations that demonstrate concepts from the book.
  • Expert author Sandy Fritz shares her years of experience and provides you with an authoritative resource on massage therapy.
  • Comprehensive coverage of content included on the National Certification Exam (NCE) and the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB) makes this book a perfect study tool.
  • A combined workbook and textbook format encourages critical thinking with activities, short essays, fill-in-the-blank questions, drawing exercises, and more to help you review concepts from the book.
  • Three appendices — Indications and Contraindications to Massage, Skin Pathology, and Common Medications and Possible Implications for Massage — provide valuable resources for reference and further study.
  • General Protocol sections in the book, on the Evolve website, and on the companion DVD provide a guide for assessment and massage application, intervention and positioning recommendations, and a modifiable, step-by-step sequence to help you learn to develop care plans for specific clients.
  • Insurance reimbursement section features discussions of insurance procedures, appropriate charting, necessary paperwork, and how to handle reimbursement.
  • All-new photos enhance your understanding of concepts from the book.
  • Expanded massage therapy career content addresses recent changes to massage therapy certification exams and discusses the many career tracks available.
  • Expanded nutrition coverage helps you understand how nutrition, digestive function, and vitamins and minerals relate to massage outcomes.
  • Updated and improved Body Mechanics chapter discusses the proper body mechanics you need to use to ensure a long and successful career and to provide more effective treatment.
  • A section on pet massage includes basic massage and pain management techniques for common household pets.
  • Additional learning activities, web links, National Certification Exam review questions, image collections, labeling exercises, crossword puzzles, and more on the updated Evolve website challenge you to practice and sharpen your skills.
1. Foundations of Therapeutic Touch and Applications of Touch 2. Professionalism and Legal Issues 3. Medical Terminology for Professional Record Keeping 4. The Scientific Art of Therapeutic Massage 5. Indications and Contraindications for Therapeutic Massage 6. Hygiene, Sanitation, and Safety 7. Body Mechanics 8. Preparation for Massage 9. Massage Manipulations and Techniques 10. Assessment Procedures for Developing a Care Plan 11. Complementary Bodywork Systems 12. Career Tracks and Special Populations 13. Wellness Education 14. Business Considerations for a Career in Therapeutic Massage 15. Integration—Case Studies Final Word Works Consulted Glossary Appendices A. Indications and Contraindications to Massage B. Skin Pathology C. Common Medications and Possible Implications for Massage

Table of Contents: DVDs for Mosby’s Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, 4th Edition

Disc 1

CH 3: Medical Terminology for Professional Record Keeping The following clips are all scientific animations: 3-1 Organ Systems 1:55 3-1 Body Organs in Each Quadrant of the Body :55 3-2 Spine Structure 2:09 3-3 Brain Lobes :26 3-3 Neuron Function :26 3-3 Sympathetic Nervous System 2:01 3-4 Function of the Heart :24 3-4 Normal Vascular System :07 3-4 Cardiovascular System :20 3-5 Normal Cardiopulmonary Physiology :40 3-5 Inhalation :15 3-6 The Digestion Process 2:42 3-7 Adrenal Function 1:04

CH 9: Massage Manipulations and Techniques General Massage Protocol 54:31 Mat Techniques 8:31 Chair Techniques 8:34

CH 15: Case Studies Case Study 1 17:21 Case Study 2 22:41 Case Study 3 17:33

Disc 2

CH 7: Body Mechanics Fundamentals 14:45

CH 8: Preparation for Massage: Equipment, Supplies, Professional Environment, Positioning, and Draping 8-1 Draping Materials 2:58 8-2 Positioning and Draping 12:19

CH 9: Massage Manipulations and Techniques 9-1 Qualities of Touch 3:15 9-2 Mechanical Forces 3:36 9-3 Massage Manipulations 3:19 9-4 Massage Techniques: Joint Movement Methods 1:37 9-5 Massage Techniques: Muscle Energy Techniques 3:19

CH 10: Assessment Procedures for Developing a Care/Treatment Plan 10-1 Posture Assessment 3:10 10-2 Gait Assessment 3:48 10-3 Muscle Activation Sequences/Firing Patterns 13:24 10-4 Range of Motion 5:27 10-5 Assessment by Palpation 2:50 10-6 Muscle Testing 2:34

CH 11: Complementary Bodywork Systems 11-1 Lymphatic Drain 3:12 11-2 Vascular Circulation Enhancement 2:08 11-3 Reflexology 3:13 11-4 Connective Tissue Approaches 3:03 11-5 Trigger Point Therapy 3:31 11-6 Asian Bodywork Methods: Acupressure, Shiatsu 11-7 Polarity Therapy 3:01

CH 12: Massage Career Tracks and Massage for Special Populations 12-1 Introduction :54 12-2 Athletes 2:08 12-3 Children 1:17 12-4 Elderly 5:09 12-5 Infants 3:14 12-6 Physically Challenged Individuals 1:56 12-7 Pregnancy 1:29

CH 13: Wellness Education 13-1 Breathing Exercises 1:21 13-2 Wellness Exercises 2:40

Sandy Fritz, BS, MS, NCTMB, Director, Health Enrichment Center, School of Therapeutic Massage, Lapeer, Michigan, USA


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