Drug Calculations Online for Math for Clinical Practice
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Drug Calculations Online for Math for Clinical Practice


This online drug calculations course consists of 7 modules corresponding to the parent text, Macklin's Math for Clinical Practice. Through the online Evolve course management system, this learning tool serves as a complete drug calculations program to teach and reinforce good math skills. Because each module works with the textbook, students can read chapter content and then apply and practice what they have learned online through repetition, practice problems, animations, and interactive activities. Also available as a package with the text for student savings.
· Each module is organized by topic and includes an overview, objectives, a reading assignment, example problems, practice problems, and one or more quizzes.
· Two major drug calculation methods are described — ratio-proportion and formula — allowing students to apply the method that works best for them.
· Practice problems provide ample opportunity for students to work on basic math skills.
· A step-by-step tutorial is included for each practice problem, using the two drug calculation methods.
· Animations are used to demonstrate techniques of drug administration, such as how to mix two medications in a syringe or withdrawing medication from an ampule.
· Voiceovers are used to aid in math review and to explain solutions.
· Interactive self-assessment activities allow students to apply their knowledge, such as identifying parts of medication labels and using critical thinking skills to solve drug calculation problems.
· Module quizzes help you evaluate your students' understanding of the major topics.
· A test pool of approximately 300 questions is organized by module, allowing you to build and customize your own quizzes and exams.
Denise Macklin, RNC, BSN, CRNI, President, Professional Learning Systems, Inc., Marietta, GA and Carmen Adams, RN, MSN, Assistant Professor Emerita, College of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing, Boise State University, Boise, ID


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