Mosby's Radiography Online: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
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Mosby's Radiography Online: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection


This multidimensional online course supplement enhances students' understanding of radiobiology and radiation protection through an exciting range of visual, auditory, and interactive elements that amplify course content, synthesize concepts, reinforce learning, and demonstrate practical applications. Interactive tools reinforce learning, featuring a variety of student and instructor communications options, interactive exercises, illustrations, animations with audio narration, and instructor administrative tools. Students may log on, complete lessons, and take quizzes and exams online - the program records their results! Using the course management system (WebCT or Blackboard), instructors can tailor the program's content to the specific needs of their course. Mosby's Radiography Online: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection can be partnered with any radiobiology or radiation protection text, offering greater learning opportunities and flexibility.

*Notice to Customer*
This is an instructor-led tool, and can only be accessed once an instructor establishes a course instance. Customers who order this online product will receive a booklet that contains the access code to the course in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Course management software Blackboard and WebCT provide real-time chat, calendars, e-mail connections, bulletin board, instructor syllabus, etc., offering a variety of student and instructor communications options and administrative tools.
  • Interactive exercises for each learning module include matching, multiple-choice using graphics, true or false, and labeling exercises to reinforce knowledge.
  • Each lesson within a module concludes with interactive exercises for review and self-assessment.
  • Over 400 illustrations enhance the content on virtually every screen.
  • Animations include audio narrations that demonstrate difficult concepts and bring the principles of radiobiology and radiation protection to life.
  • Interesting factoids break up content with extra information related to the topic being discussed, making learning easier and more fun.
  • Hypertext links direct students to related areas and resources for further study.
  • A glossary of over 200 terms provides easy access to definitions used in radiobiology and radiation protection.
  • Quizzes at the end of each module allow students to evaluate their mastery of module content and determine areas of strength and weakness to aid in planning study time.
  • Comprehensive exams at the end of all modules are automatically scored and reported to the instructor's gradebook to save valuable time in evaluating each student's understanding.
Module 1. Radiation Chemistry
Module 2. Cellular Radiation Effects
Module 3. Systemic Radiation Effects
Module 4. Genetic Effects
Module 5. Somatic Effects
Module 6. Radiation Detection and Measurement
Module 7. Patient Protection
Module 8. Radiographer Protection
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