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cover image - Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780323053464
Page Count: 640
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $84.95

Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 3rd Edition

by Lyn W. Freeman, PhD


cover image - Mosby's Complementary & Alternative Medicine,3rd Edition
ISBN: 9780323053464
Page Count: 640
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $84.95
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Now $67.96
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Providing a comprehensive overview, this text includes practical, clinically relevant coverage of complementary and alternative medicine, with commentary by well-known experts, descriptions of recent medical advances, case studies, and the history and philosophy of each discipline, along with indications, contraindications, practical application, and clinical trials for each topic. Research is critically reviewed, with examples of exceptional and flawed studies. You’ll gain an understanding of the most commonly used alternative therapies, as well as those most likely to be integrated with conventional medical treatment.
    • More than 200 photographs and illustrations and 15 new line drawings clarify the material and make learning easier.
    • A highly readable style simplifies complex concepts and keeps the material interesting.
    • Current, research-based information explores the efficacy of many therapies so you can make decisions with confidence.
    • Healing methods are emphasized, rather than systems.
    • A topical organization lets you use what you need for your own practice, without having to read through extraneous detail.
    • Chapter openers show why the content of the chapter is important, what is covered, and what objectives will be met. Features include:
      • Why Read this Chapter?
      • Chapter at a Glance
      • Chapter Objectives
    • An Expert Speaks boxes highlight the personal experience of well-known researchers and practitioners in each discipline, discussing the historical context of research, current contributions, and future directions.
    • Critical Thinking and Clinical Application Questions show real-world situations so you can test and apply your knowledge.
    • Points to Ponder help you tie together and interpret facts.
    • A Closer Look boxes expand upon case study reviews and clinical application examples.
    • Learning Opportunities suggest activities for interacting with health care professionals.
    • Summary tables show outcomes from important clinical trials at a glance.
    • Appendices provide information on CAM resources and contacts.
    • A free Evolve companion website includes regular updates of content, student activities, and full-color images.
    • Three new chapters:
      • Reiki describes this popular CAM therapy and how it can be used along with related ethical and legal issues.
      • Measurement of the Human Biofield explores cutting-edge technology and research into the biofield as well as theories about the implications of mind-body regulation.
      • The Future of Ethnomedicine offers views of health and sickness from around the world, including perspectives that differ from traditional instruction and media portrayals.
    • Includes the latest information on professional licensing.
    • Seven new interviews are included, plus updates to previous interviews.
  • PART ONE: Mind-Body Integration

    1: Physiologic Pathways of Mind-Body Medicine

    2: Research on Mind-Body Effects

    3: Psychoneuroimmunology and Conditioning of Immune Functioning

    4: How Relationships and Life Events Affect Health: Human Studies

    PART TWO: Mind-Body Interventions

    5: Relaxation Therapy

    6: Meditation

    7: Biofeedback

    8: Hypnosis

    9: Imagery

    PART THREE: Alternative Professionals

    10: Chiropractic

    11: Acupuncture

    12: Homeopathy: Like Cures Like

    13: Massage Therapy

    14: Aromatherapy

    PART FOUR: Complementary Self-Help Strategies

    15: Herbs as Medical Intervention

    16: Exercise as an Alternative Therapy

    PART FIVE: Energetics and Spirituality

    17: Spirituality and Healing

    18: Therapeutic Touch: Healing with Energy

    19: Reiki: An Ancient Therapy in Modern Times by Jeanette Plodek NEW!

    20: Measurement of the Human Biofield by Beverly Rubik NEW!

    21: The Future of Ethnomedicine by Stanley Krippner NEW!

    Appendix A: Answers to Multiple Choice and Matching Questions

    Appendix B: Organizations & Associations

    Appendix C: Internet Resources
  • Lyn W. Freeman, PhD, President, Mind Matters Research, Anchoragr AK; Executive Faculty, Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, San Francisco, CA
Was $84.95
Now $67.96
Free Shipping!
In Stock