Just the Facts, 4th Edition

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Just the Facts, 4th Edition


Just the Facts provides beginning students with all the facts and figures they need to know for their early clinical experiences. It's a portable, concise reference that contains a wealth of information, ranging from definitions and abbreviations to dosage calculations and lab values. It's a valuable tool that students will rely on throughout their nursing career.
  • Content presented in tabular, list and outline format provides quick and easy retrieval.
  • Includes basic facts and figures students need for early clinical experiences.
  • Basic assessment by body system allows for ease in locating specific information.
  • Small, portable size enhances utility for students.
  • Chapter outlines with corresponding page numbers provide quick, easy access to information.
  • English-to-Spanish Translation Guide assists students posing general medical questions to Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Thoroughly updated information reflects current practice:.
    • Includes new 2007 Pressure Ulcer Staging Guidelines from the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.
    • Includes new guidelines for restraint and bedrail use.
    • Includes current NANDA, NIC, and NOC.
    • Includes new abbreviation guidelines from The Joint Commission.
1. Health Care Terminology

2. Medications: Calculations and Administration

3. Infection Control

4. Basic Nursing Assessments

5. Documentation

6. Integumentary System

7. Skeletal System

8. Muscular System

9. Nervous System

10. Circulatory System

11. Respiratory System

12. Endocrine System

13. Digestive System

14. Urinary System

15. Reproductive System

16. Tests and Procedures

17. Surgical Nursing Care

18. Client Safety

19. Care of the Dying
Veronica Peterson, BA, RN, BSN, MS, Manager of Clinical Support, University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation; Adjunct Clinical Instructor, University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, Madison, WI


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