Anatomy and Physiology Online for Structure & Function of the Body, 13th Edition
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Anatomy and Physiology Online for Structure & Function of the Body, 13th Edition


ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY ONLINE is a comprehensive, interactive online course designed to bring the material in Structure & Function of the Body, 13th Edition to life! As you progress through a series of online modules, you'll encounter audio and visual elements, engaging activities, animations, exercises, quizzes, and more. Each module corresponds with key chapters in the text, emphasizing and reinforcing the most important concepts within each chapter. Whether you use this course as an independent study tool or as an enhancement to traditional classroom instruction, you'll benefit from this hands-on approach to learning, developed to strengthen your memory and practical understanding of essential anatomy and physiology concepts.
  • Learning objectives for each lesson help you focus your attention on the most important points.
  • Reading assignments from the text, supported by focus concepts, are closely aligned with the content and activities in each lesson.
  • Over 300 full-color illustrations, photographs, and micrographs of anatomic structures, physiologic concepts, and disease processes make learning more visual and engaging.
  • More than 150 full-color, state-of-the-art narrated animations clarify anatomic structures and physiologic processes and let you see how underlying structures and functions interact, such as pulmonary circulation, events of the cardiac cycle, and sensory and motor pathways of the central nervous system.
  • Cardiac and respiratory audio segments allow you to hear actual heart and lung sounds, including murmurs, friction rubs, crackles, and wheezes.
  • More than 300 interactive exercises use a variety of engaging activities woven into each lesson - such as Identification, Image Association, Flash Cards, and Sequencing - providing immediate feedback and reinforcement of key concepts.
  • A complete glossary of terms with definitions and audio pronunciations familiarizes you with key terms and concepts.
  • Lesson self-assessment quizzes and module exams assess your understanding of the content and provide immediate feedback.
Module 1 Introduction to the Structure and Function of the Body

Module 2 Chemistry of Life

Module 3 Cells and Tissues

Module 4 Organ Systems of the Body

Module 5 The Integumentary System and Body Membranes

Module 6 The Skeletal System

Module 7 The Muscular System

Module 8 The Nervous System

Module 9 The Senses

Module 10 The Endocrine System

Module 11 Blood

Module 12 The Circulation of the Blood

Module 13 The Lymphatic System and Immunity

Module 14 The Respiratory System

Module 15 The Digestive System

Module 16 Nutrition and Metabolism

Module 17 The Urinary System

Module 18 Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

Module 19 Acid-Base Balance

Module 20 The Reproductive System

Module 21 Growth and Development
Gary A. Thibodeau, PhD, Chancellor Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Biology, University of Wisconsin, River Falls, River Falls, WI, Kevin T. Patton, PhD, Professor of Life Science, St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, MO, Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Instruction (adjunct), New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls, NY, Emeritus Assistant Professor of Physiology, Saint Louis University Medical School, St. Louis, MO and Linda Swisher, RN, EdD


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