Medical Terminology Online for Exploring Medical Language, 7th Edition
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Medical Terminology Online for Exploring Medical Language, 7th Edition

By Myrna LaFleur Brooks, RN, BEd

  • A wealth of interactive exercises, including word building, identification, spelling, pronunciation, matching, multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-blank, labeling, and case studies, offering frequent opportunities to recall and recognize medical terms with the goal of long-term memorization.
  • Original art program features 900 anatomical and disease and disorder illustrations, including many new drawings and graphics.
  • More than 25 animations and slide shows communicate difficult concepts that are impossible to convey with static illustrations.
  • Easy-to-spot icons throughout the course alert you to Fast Facts, Learning Links, and Discussion Topics, encouraging active learning and linking students to the instructor and to one another.
  • Bolded and linked terms within text connect you to definitions and audio pronunciations of terms, making it quick and easy to access the glossary and hear the term pronounced correctly.
  • Extensive glossary of over 5,000 terms, including definitions. From anywhere in the program, you can click on a term and hear it pronounced in English and Spanish.
  • Spanish translations of glossary terms - both written and audio - equip you to better communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Exams and quizzes are provided for each module, ready for instructors to modify or use as is. Exams are automatically scored and reported to the instructor's grade book.
  • Online course companion available in Angel/Evolve, Blackboard, WebCT, or eCollege course management systems and other LMS systems, providing everything instructors need to implement a high-quality online course or provide online support to a lecture-format class.
  • Outcome-based learning ensures that you're meeting course objectives, provides instant feedback, and gives instructors information about learning outcomes. After each block of content is presented, a short assessment determines if the desired outcome or objective has been achieved.
  • Medical report activities require you to look for information in the medical record to test your knowledge of medical terminology - a crucial skill for working in the clinical setting.
  • More word-building and pronunciation exercises for additional practice and self-assessment.
  • Catch That activities test your knowledge of information just presented, so you can quickly and easily re-read the material if you answer incorrectly.
  • Listen In activities in case studies allow you to follow a patient with a particular medical condition through each online course module. You'll listen in as the health care provider and the patient interact, using the terminology you've become familiar with and encouraging you to apply it to a real-life situation.
  • Glossary link embedded in the navigation bar at the top of each screen allows you to go to the master glossary from anywhere in the program, in addition to the usual links within each lesson.
  • New options are available for different types of learners; for example, separate links are provided for "activities only" and "media only," so you can go directly to all of the activities and/or media for a particular module.
  • New terms and abbreviations reflect advances in technology and changes in the healthcare delivery system.
Module 1 Introduction to Word Parts

Module 2 Body Structure, Color, and Oncology

Module 3 Directional Terms and Anatomical Planes

Module 4 Integumentary System

Module 5 Respiratory System

Module 6 Urinary System

Module 7 Male Reproductive System

Module 8 Female Reproductive System

Module 9 Obstetrics and Neonatology

Module 10 Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

Module 11 Digestive System

Module 12 Eye

Module 13 Ear

Module 14 Musculoskeletal System

Module 15 Nervous System and Behavioral Health

Module 16 Endocrine System
Myrna LaFleur Brooks, RN, BEd, Founding President of the National Association of Health Unit Clerks/Coordinators, Faculty Emeritus, Maricopa County Community College District, Phoenix, AZ

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