Mosby's Nursing Assistant Video Skills - Infection Control & Safety Measures DVD 3.0, 3rd Edition

Mosby's Nursing Assistant Video Skills - Infection Control & Safety Measures DVD 3.0, 3rd Edition


With these engaging, interactive videos, you’ll be able to understand and master key nursing assistant procedures. Each procedure includes Purpose, Equipment, Preparation, Safety, Procedure Video, Follow-Up Care, and Review Questions. The Procedure Video demonstrates how to perform a specific skill in a step-by-step format, according to the most current nurse assisting practice. Institutional Version.
  • Full-motion, step-by-step procedures clearly and accurately demonstrate how to perform skills.
  • Actual nurses and nurse assistants demonstrate realistic performance of skills.
  • Cultural diversity is represented for both patients and nurses, reflecting the reality of today’s practice.
  • Exciting computer graphics and animations enhance the fast-paced, engaging presentation.
  • A consistent format for each skill includes segments such as purpose, equipment, preparation, safety, procedure video, follow up, and review questions.
  • Overviews help you place skills within the context of patient care.
  • Preparation for each skill indicates appropriate patient preparation as well as a link to standard preparation steps.
  • Safety sections alert you to important points to ensure the safe performance of each skill.
  • Review questions for each skill help you review and evaluate your understanding.
Infection control and Safety Measures
  • Hand hygiene including hand washing and use of antiseptic hand gel NEW!
  • PPE for standard precautions including applying and removing in the correct sequence: gloves, gown, mask, eye protection NEW!
  • Using restraint alternatives, including proper use of side rails, bed alarms, and bed and wheelchair locks
  • Applying restraints, including vest restraint, extremity restraints, waist restraints and finger-control mittens

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