Mosby's Nursing Assistant Video Skills - Student Version DVD 3.0, 3rd Edition

Mosby's Nursing Assistant Video Skills - Student Version DVD 3.0, 3rd Edition


With these engaging, interactive videos, you’ll be able to understand and master over 60 key nursing assistant procedures. Each video demonstrates how to perform a specific skill in a step-by-step format, according to the most current nurse assisting practice. Review follow each procedure giving opportunities to evaluate understanding.
  • Full-motion, step-by-step procedures clearly and accurately demonstrate how to perform skills.
  • Actual nurses and nurse assistants demonstrate realistic performance of skills.
  • Cultural diversity is represented for both patients and nurses, reflecting the reality of today’s practice.
  • Exciting computer graphics and animations enhance the fast-paced, engaging presentation.
  • A consistent format for each skill includes segments such as purpose, equipment, preparation, safety, procedure video, follow up, and review questions.
  • Overviews help you place skills within the context of patient care.
  • Preparation for each skill indicates appropriate patient preparation as well as a link to standard preparation steps.
  • Safety sections alert you to important points to ensure the safe performance of each skill.
  • Review questions for each skill help you review and evaluate your understanding.
Infection control and Safety Measures
  • Hand hygiene including hand washing and use of antiseptic hand gel NEW!
  • PPE for standard precautions including applying and removing in the correct sequence: gloves, gown, mask, eye protection NEW!
  • Using restraint alternatives, including proper use of side rails, bed alarms, and bed and wheelchair locks
  • Applying restraints, including vest restraint, extremity restraints, waist restraints and finger-control mittens

Bathing and Bedmaking
  • The complete and partial bed bath
  • Use of bag bath NEW!
  • Tub Bath and Shower NEW!
  • Perineal care for the female
  • Perineal care for the male
  • Making the unoccupied bed--closed
  • Making the unoccupied bed-open
  • Making a surgical bed
  • Making the occupied bed

Body Mechanics and Exercise
  • Assisting with moving and positioning clients in bed
  • Moving client up in bed
  • Transfer from bed to chair or wheelchair using a transfer belt
  • Transfer from bed to a stretcher
  • Passive range-of-motion exercises
  • Assisting with ambulation with a cane and walker
  • Transfer from Bed to a chair using a mechanical lift NEW!

Assisting with Elimination
  • Assisting patient to commode
  • Assisting with a urinal
  • Assisting with a bedpan, including standard and fracture bedpans
  • Applying a condom catheter
  • Administering an enema
  • Providing indwelling catheter care
  • Emptying urinary drainage bag
  • Changing drainage bag
  • Inserting a rectal tube
  • Changing an ostomy bag/pouch

Nutrition & Fluids
  • Preparing for meals
  • Serving meal trays, including the use of the “clock” technique for a visually impaired person
  • Assisting with eating
  • Intake and output

Personal Hygiene & Grooming
  • Oral hygiene, including oral care for the unconscious person, denture cleaning, and precautions for the person at risk of aspiration
  • Hair care, including shampooing in bed
  • Giving a shampoo in tub or shower
  • Shaving a male with safety/disposable and electric razor
  • Nail and foot care
  • Dressing
  • Changing a hospital gown
  • Changing a hospital gown for patient with IV
  • Assisting with undressing and dressing

Vital Signs
  • Height and weight
  • Taking a radial pulse
  • Taking an apical pulse
  • Counting respirations
  • Temperature: electronic thermometer (oral, rectal, axillary)
  • Temperature: tympanic thermometer
  • Blood pressure: one-step method
  • Pulse oximetry NEW!

Skin and Wound Care
  • Giving pressure ulcer care to the patient with a Stage I pressure ulcer
  • Applying elastic stockings
  • Applying a dry non-sterile dressing
  • Back rub
  • Applying an elastic abdominal binder

Heat and Cold Application
  • Performing hot or cold soak
  • Performing hot bath or sitz bath
  • Applying hot or cold compress
  • Applying hot or cold pack, ice bags, ice collars, and ice gloves
  • Using an aquamatic or aquathermia pad

Specimen Collection and Testing and Surgical Care
  • Mid-stream urine specimen collection
  • Fecal occult blood testing using the Hemoccult test
  • Sputum specimen collection
  • Promoting postoperative recovery: breathing and coughing exercises
  • Surgical skin prep


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