ISBN: 9780323057172
Page Count: 8
Imprint: Mosby
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Mosby's Radiography Online for Textbook of Radiographic Positioning & Related Anatomy, 7th Edition

by Kenneth L. Bontrager, MA, RT(R) and John Lampignano, MEd, RT(R) (CT)
Online Course
ISBN: 9780323057172
Page Count: 8
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $92.95
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This online companion enhances understanding of anatomy and positioning by providing a well-developed range of media-rich assets. Interactive exercises ¬–– including case studies, image evaluations, and much more –– allow you to apply concepts you learn from the textbook and prepare you for clinical practice. Used in addition to Textbook of Radiographic Positioning & Related Anatomy, 7th Edition, the online companion offers even more learning opportunities to accommodate diverse learning styles and circumstances.
    • Detailed animations and slideshows with audio narration clearly demonstrate positioning procedures for a better understanding of difficult concepts.
    • A review of anatomy and articulation with assigned reading from the text and self-assessment labeling exercises provides a quick overview of the anatomy and articulations of each body part.
    • Content on special situations, with narrated animations, slide shows, and clinical situations, enable you to expertly demonstrate specific types of trauma and pathology.
    • Image evaluations, showing positioning and technical errors with questions to answer online, help you identify mistakes and interact with other students and your instructor.
    • Learning links to related websites provide additional resources for learning with questions to evaluate the sites’ content.
    • Section quizzes identify your strengths and weaknesses before taking the exam and help you guide your study.
    • Key terms bolded and linked to the glossary make it easy to quickly look up the definitions of words.
    • Enlarge any image to see details in radiographs more clearly.
    • Reading assignments follow along with the textbook to make it easy to apply your knowledge from the book to the exercises.
  • 1. General Anatomy, Terminology and Positioning Principles

    2. Image Quality, Digital Technology, and Radiation Protection

    3. Chest

    4. Abdomen

    5. Upper Limb

    6. Humerus and Shoulder Girdle

    7. Lower Limb

    8. Femur and Pelvic Girdle

    9. Cervical and Thoracic Spine

    10. Lumbar Spine, Sacrum, and Coccyx

    11. Bony Thorax — Sternum and Ribs

    12. Skull and Cranial Bones

    13. Facial Bones and Paranasal Sinuses

    14. Biliary Tract and Upper Gastrointestinal System

    15. Lower Gastrointestinal System

    16. Urinary System and Venipunture

    17. Mammography and Bone Densitometry

    18. Trauma, Mobile, and Surgical Radiography

    19. Pediatric Radiography – NEW!

    20. Angiography and Interventional Procedures – NEW!

    21. Computed Tomography – NEW!

    22. Additional Diagnostic Procedures – NEW!

    23. Additional Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities – NEW!
  • Kenneth L. Bontrager, MA, RT(R), Kenneth L. Bontrager, MA, RT(R) and John Lampignano, MEd, RT(R) (CT), Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ
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