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cover image - Driver Rehabilitation and Community Mobility - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9780323062589
Page Count: 720
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $59.95

Driver Rehabilitation and Community Mobility - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

by Joseph M. Pellerito, MS, OTR

Elsevier eBook on VitalSource

cover image - Driver Rehabilitation and Community Mobility - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource
ISBN: 9780323062589
Page Count: 720
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $59.95
Was $59.95
Now $56.95
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An emerging practice area for occupational therapists, adapted driving services is becoming increasingly popular as technology and demographics influence demand for these services. Not only does this text provide the tools necessary to effectively evaluate and rehabilitate disabled and aging drivers, it also prepares readers to enter the field by utilizing true-to-life case studies and evidence-based content.
    • An Adapted Driving Decision Guide that allows therapists to determine a client's transportation need and driving ability
    • Study questions in every chapter to enhance student comprehension
    • Necessary client resources such as downloadable forms, handouts, and reports contained in an interactive CD-ROM
    • Comprehensive coverage of people with disabilities across the lifespan
    • Guidance on how to set up a driver rehabilitation program with key information on program and professional development
    • Seven appendices enabling students to quickly access important resources
    • Current information for students and faculty with weblinks on adaptive equipment, vehicle modification, and regulations
    • Detailed artwork and illustrations on testing, traffic safety principles, vehicle modifications, and adaptive driving equipment
    • Expert contributions from the foremost authorities in the field of driver rehabilitation
  • Part I: Introduction, History, and the Driver Rehabilitation Team
    1. Introduction and Overview
    2. Community Mobility and Driving: An Historical Perspective
    3. Driving Across the Lifespan: Rites of Passage in American Culture
    4. Driver Rehabilitation: Yesterday and Today
    5. Roles of the Driver Rehabilitation Team: From Referral to Follow-up

    Part II: Measuring Driving Potential before Hitting the road
    6. The Adapted Driving Decision Guide
    7. The Driver Rehabilitation Clinical Evaluation
    Section A: Vision and Hearing Conditions
    Section B: Neurologic Conditions
    Section C: Orthopedic Conditions
    Section D: Psychosocial Conditions
    6. Neuropsychology and Driving: Predicting Driver Readiness
    7. Medications, Disabilities, and Driving
    8. The Impact of Positioning and Mobility Devices on transportation
    9. Driving Simulators: Bridging the Divide between the Clinical and On-the-road Evaluations

    Part III: Measuring and Improving Driving Performance
    12. Adaptive Equipment and Vehicle Configuration
    13. On-the-road Evaluation of Driving Performance
    Section A: General Principles
    Section B: Vision and Hearing Impairments
    Section C: Psychosocial Impairments
    14. On-the-Road Driver Rehabilitation and Training
    15. Documenting the Clinical Evaluation and Driving Performance Outcomes
    16. Funding for Driver Rehabilitation Services and Equipment

    Part IV. Environmental Factors Impacting Drivers, Passengers, and Pedestrians
    17. Universal Design and the Automobile
    18. Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Tie-downs, and Occupant Restraints for Improved Safety and Crash Protection
    19. Intelligent Transport Systems
    20. Designing the External Environment for Safety and Success
    21. Driver Rehabilitation for Recreation and Leisure
    22. Driving Alternatives: Urban Planning, Mass Transit, Public and Private Transportation

    Part V. Professional Ethics and Evidenced-Based Driver Rehabilitation Practice
    23. Legal and Professional Ethics in Driver Rehabilitation
    24. Research and Evidenced-Based Practice in Driver Rehabilitation
    25. Driving Under Stress, Driving After Rehabilitation: Next Generation Neuroimaging and Watching People Think and Improve Performance

    Part VI. Professional and Program Development in a Rapidly Evolving Field
    26. Driver Rehabilitation Program Development
    27. Professional Development for the Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
    28. Driver Rehabilitation on the Horizon

    Glossary of Terms

    Appendix A. Manufacturers of Driver Rehabilitation Products
    Appendix B. Driver Rehabilitation Service Providers
    Appendix C. State Licensing Requirements and Reporting Laws
    Appendix D. CPT codes
    Appendix E. Professional Development for the Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
    Appendix F. Educational Materials for Clients and Caregivers
    Appendix G. Occupational Therapy Practice Framework
  • Joseph M. Pellerito, MS, OTR, Program Director, Associate Professor; Department of Occupational Therapy, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Was $59.95
Now $56.95
Or $0.00 with a valid access code