ISBN: 9780323066112
Page Count: 384
Imprint: Mosby
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Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography, 6th Edition

by Kelli Haynes, MSRS, RT(R), Mary Alice Statkiewicz Sherer, AS, RT(R), FASRT, Paula J. Visconti, PhD, DABR and E. Russell Ritenour, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, FACR
ISBN: 9780323066112
Page Count: 384
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $69.95
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Sherer’s Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography provides vital information on radiation protection and biology in a clear, concise, and easy-to-understand manner. Building from basic to more complex concepts, this book also presents radiation physics, cell structure, effects of radiation on humans at the cellular and systemic levels, regulatory and advisory limits for human exposure to radiation, and the implementation of patient and personnel radiation protection practices.

    • Historical perspectives explain the effects of low-level ionizing radiation and demonstrate the link between radiation and cancer and other diseases.
    • Chapter outlines and objectives, highlighted key terms bulleted summaries, and review questions help you follow and understand the material.
    • Full-color text and art programs enhance visual appeal, reinforce important elements, and hold your interest.
    • Review questions with answers help you assess your comprehension.
    • Student Workbook helps you review important text information presented in the book.
    • Companion online products provide you with an online supplement for the Sherer text.
    • Updated NCRP and ICRP regulations provide the regulatory perspective you need for practice.
    • New information on:

      • Chernobyl
      • Auger electrons
      • Expanded discussions about CR and DR especially in respect to mAs.
      • Expanded section on CT
    • Evolve Student Resources including web-links.
  • 1. Introduction to Radiation Protection

    2. Interaction of X-Radiation with Matter

    3. Radiation Quantities and Units

    4. Radiation Monitoring

    5. Overview of Cell Biology

    6. Molecular and Cellular Radiation Biology

    7. Early Radiation Effects on Organ Systems

    8. Late Radiation Effects on Organ Systems

    9. Dose Limits for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

    10. Equipment Design for Radiation Protection

    11. Management of Patient Radiation Dose during Diagnostic X-Ray Procedures

    12. Management of Imaging Personnel Radiation Dose During Diagnostic X-Ray Procedures

    13. Radioisotopes and Radiation Protection


    Appendix A - Relationships between Systems of Units 

    Appendix B - Metric system equivalents for length

                          - Electron volt common energy Designations

                          - Common frequency spectrum designations

    Appendix C - Periodic table of the elements

    Appendix D - Chance of a 50-keV photon interacting with atoms of tissue as it travels through 5 cm of soft tissue 

    Appendix E - Relationship among photons, electromagnetic waves, wavelength and energy

    Appendix F - Compton interaction 

    Appendix G – Electron shell structure of the atom

    Appendix H - Revision of 10 CFR Part 35

    Appendix I - Consumer-patient radiation health and safety act of 1981

  • Kelli Haynes, MSRS, RT(R), Mary Alice Statkiewicz Sherer, AS, RT(R), FASRT, Radiography Instructor, High-Tech Institute, Nashville, TN, Paula J. Visconti, PhD, DABR, Director of Medical Physics, Radiation Safety Officer, Memorial Hospital of Burlington County, Mount Holly, NJ and E. Russell Ritenour, PhD, DABR, FAAPM, FACR, Professor and Director of Physics Section, Department of Radiology, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Minneapolis, MN
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