Pocket Reference for ECGs Made Easy, 4th Edition

Pocket Reference for ECGs Made Easy, 4th Edition


This full-color pocket reference puts essential ECG information at your fingertips! Based on Barbara Aehlert’s ECGs Made Easy, 4th Edition, this handy, easy-to-use guide includes a brief description of each rhythm accompanied by a summary of the characteristics of the rhythm and a sample rhythm strip. A compact size makes this reference ideal for use in the field!

  • Numerous tables, boxes, and illustrations are used to summarize key information.

  • Updates reflect current changes to the fourth edition of ECGs Made Easy.
  1. Anatomy and Physiology

  • Basic Electrophysiology

  • Sinus Mechanisms

  • Atrial Rhythms

  • Junctional Rhythms

  • Ventricular Rhythms

  • Atrioventricular (AV) Blocks

  • Pacemaker Rhythms

  • Introduction to the 12-Lead ECG
Barbara J Aehlert, RN, BSPA, Southwest EMS Education Inc., Phoenix, AZ and Pursley, TX, USA


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