ISBN: 9780323075336
Page Count: 1344
Imprint: Mosby
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Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease, 5th Edition

by James F. Zachary, DVM, PhD and M. Donald McGavin, MVSc, PhD, FACVSc
ISBN: 9780323075336
Page Count: 1344
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $157.00
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With over 2,000 full-color illustrations, Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease, 5th Edition provides complete coverage of both general pathology and pathology of organ systems in one convenient resource. In-depth explanations cover the responses of cells, tissues, and organs to injury and infection. Expert researchers James F. Zachary and M. Donald McGavin keep you up to date with the latest advances in cellular and molecular pathology plus expanded coverage of genetics and disease, incorporating the newest insights into the study of disease mechanisms, genesis, and progression. Already the leading reference for pathology, this edition also includes an enhanced website with images of less common diseases and and guidelines for performing a complete, systematic necropsy.

    • Each chapter is consistently organized, presenting information on structure, function, portals of entry, defense mechanisms, responses to injury, and diseases organized by species.
    • Full-color illustrations, schematics, flow charts, and diagrammatic representations of disease processes make it easier to understand difficult concepts.
    • Discussions of pathologic processes and individual disorders are integrated with the latest established information available.
    • Clear, up-to-date explanations of disease mechanisms describe the cell, tissue, and organ response to injury and infection.
    • Over 20 recognized experts deliver the most relevant information, whether you're a practitioner, student, or preparing for the American College of Veterinary Pathology board examination.
      • Updated content on cellular and organ system pathology provides the latest on the science of inflammation, cellular injury, molecular carcinogenesis, and pathogenesis.
      • NEW topics include the genetic basis of disease, the monocyte-macrophage system, diseases of the ear, and disorders of ligaments and joints and of the peritoneum.
      • NEW coverage of World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reportable diseases ("foreign animal diseases") adds information on microorganisms that have catastrophic impact on livestock health and production.
      • NEW Mechanisms of Microbial Infections chapter adds in-depth coverage of the means by which microbes encounter, colonize, and cause disease in animals in a chronological sequence of events.
      • NEW and updated flow charts, schematic illustrations, and diagrams of disease processes summarize important information and clarify complex concepts.
      • An enhanced companion website includes all the images from the book, plus additional images and schematic illustrations of common diseases; guidelines for performing a complete, systematic necropsy and appropriate sample acquisition for selected organ systems; and a glossary of terms to accompany selected organ systems.
    • Part One: General Pathology

      1. Cellular Adaptations, Injury, and Death: Morphologic, Biomechanical, and Genetic Bases

      2. Vascular Disorders and Thrombosis

      3. Inflammation and Wound Healing

      4. Mechanisms of Microbial Infections

      5. Diseases of Immunity

      6. Neoplasia and Tumor Biology

      Part Two: Pathology of Organ Systems

      7. Alimentary System and the Peritoneum, Omentum, Mesentery, and Peritoneal Cavity

      8. Hepatobiliary System and Exocrine Pancreas

      9. Respiratory System, Mediastinum, and Pleurae

      10. Cardiovascular System and Lymphatic Vessels

      11. The Urinary System

      12. Endocrine System

      13. Bone Marrow, Blood Cells, and Lymphatic System

      14. Nervous System

      15. Skeletal System

      16. Bone, Joints, Tendons, and Ligaments

      17. The Integument

      18. Female Reproductive System and Mammary Gland

      19. Male Reproductive System

      20. The Ear and Eye

      Appendix: Photographic Techniques in Veterinary Pathology

    • James F. Zachary, DVM, PhD, Diplomate, American Colllege of Veterinary Pathologists; Professor of Veterinary Pathology, Department of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL and M. Donald McGavin, MVSc, PhD, FACVSc, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists, Professor Emeritus of Veterinary Pathology, Department of Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
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