ISBN: 9780323077460
Page Count: 12
Imprint: Mosby
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Nursing Skills Online 2.0 for Basic Nursing, 7th Edition

by Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, PhD, FAAN, Patricia Stockert, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, Anne Griffin Perry, RN, EdD, FAAN and Amy Hall, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, CNE
Online Course
ISBN: 9780323077460
Page Count: 12
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $79.95
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    • Reading assignments link Nursing Skills Online to content in the Basic Nursing text.
    • An easy-to-read, bulleted format and small segments of information make it easier to master information.
    • The case-based/problem-oriented format relates content to real-life patient scenarios and promotes critical thinking.
    • Interactive activities allow you to check your understanding of the material.
    • Self-assessment exercises allow you to test your knowledge of key concepts, with correct answers and rationales provided for immediate feedback.
    • Video clips of procedures can be viewed from start to finish, paused, or repeated as desired.
    • Photos and illustrations clarify and highlight key information.
    • Objectives, equipment lists, and delegation responsibilities at the beginning of each lesson focus your attention on important information.
    • Printable procedure guides make it easy to study or review anytime, anywhere.
    • Lesson posttests allow you to evaluate your comprehension and review any areas of weakness before taking the module exam, and may be repeated as often as you want.
    • A new Blood Therapy module covers principles of the ABO and RH systems, initiating transfusion, implementing auto-transfusion, and monitoring for adverse reactions.
    • The Debriefing Room offers a capstone critical thinking exercise for each module, asking you to watch a video scenario and evaluate skill performance.
    • Cultural Considerations sections address variations in approach to patients of differing cultures during performance of the skills.
    • Information on delegation is included within all case studies.
    • New video clips from Mosby's Nursing Video Skills, Version 3.0 demonstrate updated techniques and procedures.
    • New animations help you visualize concepts.
    • New photos depict the most current information on equipment and techniques.
    • Reformatted procedure guidelines are easier to display and print.
    1. Infection Control
    2. Vital Signs
    3. Safe Medication Administration
    4. Nonparenteral Medication Administration
    5. Injections
    6. IV Fluid Administration
    7. IV Fluid Therapy Management
    8. IV Medication Administration
    9. Blood Therapy
    10. Vascular Access
    11. Safety
    12. Airway Management
    13. Chest Tubes
    14. Enteral Nutrition
    15. Urinary Catheterization
    16. Bowel Elimination/Ostomy Care
    17. Wound Care
    18. Specimen Collection
  • Patricia A. Potter, RN, MSN, PhD, FAAN, Director of Research, Patient Care Services
    Barnes-Jewish Hospital
    St. Louis, MO, Patricia Stockert, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, President of the College, Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, IL, Anne Griffin Perry, RN, EdD, FAAN, Professor and Associate Dean, School of Nursing, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL and Amy Hall, RN, BSN, MS, PhD, CNE, Chair and White Family Endowed Professor of Nursing, Dunigan Family Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Evansville, Evansville, IN
Or $0.00 with a valid access code