Mosby's Medical Terminology Memory NoteCards, 2nd Edition
Spiral Bound

Mosby's Medical Terminology Memory NoteCards, 2nd Edition


Mosby's Medical Terminology Memory NoteCards, 2nd Edition is a colorfully illustrated collection of spiral-bound, removable flash cards that presents medical terminology in one fun, portable volume. Using a wide variety of learning aids, humor, illustrations, and mnemonics, this valuable tool helps you master medical terminology in class, in clinicals, and in preparation for exams. Topics include terminology for anatomy, positional and directional terms, body cavities, cells, congenital disorders, disciplines, body systems and structures, diseases, diagnostic procedures, and pharmacology.

  • Approximately 200 full-color cartoons use mnemonics and visual stimuli to help you learn and retain essential medical terminology with ease.

  • Subject and alphabetical listings offer you two ways to quickly access the appropriate card.

  • Handy size and spiral binding provide you with a sturdy, portable, study tool.

  • Perforated pages enable you to remove the cards from the binding and rearrange them for use as flash cards.

  • Color-coded pages differentiate topics, allowing you to easily locate a subject.
  • NEW cards and updated content include:

    • "Seeing" Medical Terminology
    • When to Use a Combining Vowel
    • Word Roots
    • More Prefixes
    • Pronunciation
    • Guidelines to Unusual Plural Forms
    • Anatomical Position
    • Directional Terminology
    • Posterior and Dorsal
    • Medial and Lateral
    • Breathing

    Introduction to Basic Terminology

      • Introduction to Medical Terminology

      • "Seeing" Medical Terminology - NEW

      • The Root of the Word - NEW

      • Combining Forms

      • When to Use a Combining Vowel - NEW

      • Suffix – It's at the End of the Word

      • Suffix Knights of Procedures and Interventions

      • Medical Equipment Suffixes

      • Suffixes and Surgical Issues

      • Suffixes that Describe Pathology

      • "RR" Suffixes

      • Prefix – It's at the Beginning of the Word

      • More Prefixes - NEW

      • Pronunciation - NEW

      • Rules for Using Singular and Plural Forms

      • Guidelines to Unusual Plural Forms - NEW

      • Guidelines to Unusual Plural Forms (continued) - NEW


      Anatomical, Positional, and Directional Terms

      • Anatomical, Positional and Directional Terms

      • Anatomic Position - NEW

      • Directional Terminology - NEW

      • Anterior and Ventral

      • Superior and Inferior

      • Posterior and Dorsal - NEW

      • Cephalic and Caudal

      • Medial and Lateral - NEW

      • Ipsilateral and Contralateral

      • Unilateral and Bilateral

      • Proximal and Distal

      • Supine and Prone

      • Basic Examination Positions

      • Supinate and Pronate

      • Palmar and Plantar

      • Afferent and Efferent


      Body Cavities and their Divisions

      • Body Cavities

      • Dorsal Cavity

      • Cranial and Spinal Cavities

      • Ventral Cavity

      • Thoracic Cavity

      • Abdominal and Pelvic Cavities

      • Planes of the Body

      • Horizontal Plane

      • Vertical Plane

      Cells: Human Building Blocks

      • Cells: Human Building Blocks

      • Cytology

      • Stem Cells

      • Sources of Stem Cells

      • Cell Membrane

      • Cytoplasm

      • Nucleus

      • Chromosomes

      • Genes

      • Tissue

      • Tissue Types

      • Epithelial Tissue

      • Connective Tissue

      • Muscle Tissue

      • Nerve Tissue

      • Tissue Pathology

      • Anaplasia

      • Aplasia

      • Dysplasia

      • Hyperplasia

      • Hypertrophy

      • Hypoplasia


      Congenital Disorders

      • Congenital Disorders

      • Anomaly

      • Dominant and Recessive Genes

      • Genetic Disorders

      • Cystic Fibrosis

      • Down Syndrome

      • Hemophilia

      • Huntington's Disease/Huntington's Chorea

      • Muscular Dystrophy

      • Phenylketonuria

      • Sickle Cell Anemia

      • Tay-Sachs Disease



      JoAnn Zerwekh, MSN, EdD, RN, President/CEO, Nursing Education Consultants, Chandler, AZ; Nursing Faculty - Online Campus, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ and Tom Gaglione, MSN, RN, New Life Foundation, Task Force for Children with HIV and Leprosy, Chiangmai, Thailand


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