cover image - Communication in Nursing,7th Edition
ISBN: 9780323083348
Page Count: 368
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $67.95

Communication in Nursing,7th Edition

by Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC, REACE
cover image - Communication in Nursing,7th Edition
ISBN: 9780323083348
Page Count: 368
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $67.95
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Go beyond theory and start to master the essential communication skills and techniques you’ll need throughout all areas of nursing practice. Communication in Nursing, 7th Edition uses a personal and empathetic approach, along with unique artistic features, to help you develop a deeper understanding of the importance of communication. Comprehensive, step-by-step guidelines teach you how to establish patient relationships, and new QSEN-specific exercises help you learn to connect more effectively with patients, co-workers, and managers for better clinical outcomes. Real-life clinical scenarios, chapter exercises, and a new writing tutorial also offer endless opportunities to hone your skills.

      • Moments of Connection boxes highlight the outcomes and benefits of successful communication.
      • Wit & Wisdom boxes provide a humorous, personal approach to communication theory and application.
      • Reflections On… boxes give you a specific task to help you integrate chapter material into the broader scope of nursing practice.
      • Exercises throughout the book help you master chapter techniques and strengthen your communication skills.
        • QSEN-specific exercises developed by a leading expert highlight how safety and improved care can result from better communication.
        • UNIQUE! Online writing tutorial on Evolve helps you review and improve your technical writing skills.
        • Case studies on Evolve give you practice using proper communication skills in a variety of real-life case scenarios.
        • The latest information on compassion fatigue, language use, client preconceived ideas about health care, transcultural issues, technology, and the demands of electronic medical record systems provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information needed to excel in today’s nursing field.
      • PART 1: Getting Started: Basic Communication Competence

        1. Responsible, Assertive Care Communication in Nursing

        2. The Client-Nurse Relationship: A Helping Relationship

        3. Solving Problems Together

        4. Understanding Each Other: Communication and Culture

        5. Working Together in Groups

        6. Electronic Communication

        PART 2: Building Relationships

        7. Warmth

        8. Respect

        9. Genuineness

        10. Empathy

        11. Self Disclosure

        12. Specificity

        13. Asking Questions

        14. Expressing Opinions

        15. Humor

        16. Spirituality

        PART 3: Building Confidence

        17. Requesting Support

        18. Overcoming Evaluation Anxiety

        19. Feedback

        20. Relaxation

        21. Imagery

        22. Positive Self-Talk

        PART 4: Meeting Challenges

        23. Confrontation

        24. Refusing Unreasonable Requests

        25. Communicating Assertively and Responsibly with Distressed Clients and Colleagues

        26. Communicating Assertively and Responsibly with Aggressive Clients and Colleagues

        27. Communicating Assertively and Responsibly with Unpopular Clients
      • Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC, REACE, President, Constant Source Seminars, Ellenton, FL
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