ISBN: 9780323088602
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $3,297.00

Mosby's Nursing Video Skills - Intermediate Skills DVD, 4th Edition

by Mosby
ISBN: 9780323088602
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $3,297.00
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This version of the videos is for institutional purchase, and includes networkable files that are loaded onto your institution’s server for student access.

With high-definition videos demonstrating how to perform nursing procedures, Mosby's Nursing Video Skills provides up-to-date, step-by-step instructions for the most important nursing skills. Printable procedure checklists and interactive screens of required equipment make it easier to learn and remember skills, and new animations show what’s happening inside the patient’s body. For each skill, NCLEX exam-style review questions help you assess your knowledge. Nursing video skills DVDs are compatible with all computers, tablets, and smartphones!

    • Procedure videos clearly and accurately demonstrate how to perform each skill, and include printable procedure guidelines.
    • Checklists in PDF format are included for each skill.
    • A consistent format for each skill provides easy access to information:
      • Safety includes key safety considerations for the specific skills.
      • Delegation clarifies the RN’s role and the tasks that may be assigned to other personnel.
      • Equipment features a hot-spot photo of all equipment required for a procedure, identifying each piece when rolled over by the cursor.
      • Documentation provides guidelines and examples of what and how to document care as well as the patient’s response.
      • Follow-up care outlines appropriate assessment, evaluation, and interventions.
      • NCLEX exam-style review questions for each skill include rationales for all options to help you review and evaluate your comprehension.
    • NEW! Audio of lung sounds and cardiac sounds makes it easier to learn the measurement of respirations and the pulse.
    • NEW! Animations are included for skills in which much of the action is unseen, such as catheterization, intubation, and suctioning.
  • Intermediate Skills

    Infection Control

    Establishing & maintaining sterile field

    Adding items to a sterile field

    Pouring a sterile solution

    Using a pre-packaged sterile kit

    Performing sterile gloving

    Enteral Nutrition

    Inserting a nasogastric tube

    Providing enteral feedings

    Removing a feeding tube

    Ostomy Care

    Pouching a colostomy

    Pouching a ureterostomy

    Respiratory Care and Suctioning

    Ensuring oxygen safety

    Setting oxygen flow rates

    Applying a nasal cannula or face mask

    Maintaining an airway

    Providing tracheostomy care

    Performing oropharyngeal suctioning

    Performing nasotracheal suctioning

    Suctioning an artificial airway

    Preoperative Nursing Care

    Performing a preoperative assessment

    Promoting family support and participation

    Teaching postoperative exercises and pain management

    Preparing a patient for surgery

    Postoperative Nursing Care

    Providing postoperative care

    Managing pain

    Managing a nasogastric tube

    Specimen Collection

    Collecting a midstream urine specimen

    Performing fecal occult blood testing

    Performing gastroccult and gastric pH testing

    Collecting a sputum specimen

    Collecting a specimen for wound culture

    Performing blood glucose testing

    Screening urine for chemical properties

    Urinary Catheter Management

    Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a female patient

    Inserting an indwelling urinary catheter in a male patients

    Irrigating a urinary catheter

    Performing intermittent straight catheterization

    Obtaining a sterile urine specimens

    Removing indwelling urinary catheter

    Caring for suprapubic catheter

    Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care

    Assessing wounds

    Irrigating wounds

    Changing a dressing

    Using wound drainage systems

    Caring for pressure ulcers

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This item has low stock levels and may be back-ordered. We'll let you know if it is back-ordered, and you will not be charged until the item ships.