Clinical Guide to Sonography - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 2nd Edition
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource®

Clinical Guide to Sonography - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 2nd Edition


"I really like the design and clinical focus of this book and believe that it will stimulate critical thinking among its transatlantic target audience" (Hazel Edwards, Senior Sonographer, Lister Hospital, Stevenage)

Organized by clinical problem rather than by body system, Clinical Guide to Sonography enables you to quickly find information related to the symptom being reported by the patient. This unique format covers various pathologies that may be related to a patient's symptoms, and features illustrations and sonograms that demonstrate each pathology. The book is divided into five major sections: abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, superficial structures, and a miscellaneous section to include pediatric and vascular clinical indications. Each chapter within those sections focuses on a clinical indication, and incorporates background information, a clinical scenario, discussions of pathologies and differential diagnoses, illustrations, sonograms, patient scenarios with multiple choice and case-based questions to ensure you have a solid understanding of the material.

"This book covers a wide range of ultrasound examinations looking at the clinical question first." Reviewed by: Allison Harris, Clinical Co-Ordinator, City University London, Date: Oct 14

"I really like the design and clinical focus of this book and believe that it will stimulate critical thinking among its transatlantic target audience. For UK readers, though, I feel it has less appeal." Reviewed by: RAD Magazine Date: July 2014

    • Symptom-based presentation makes it easy for beginning and experienced sonographers to quickly find information related to the patient’s symptom.
    • Summary tables of differential diagnoses and sonographic findings provide you with a brief overview of all chapter material for quick reference.
    • Clinical scenarios at the beginning of each chapter help you learn to apply information to the clinical setting.
    • Case studies and discussion questions give you the opportunity to enhance your critical-thinking skills and measure your comprehension of material.
    • Over 900 ultrasound images correlated to the pathology illustrate what you’ll encounter in the clinical setting.
    • Glossary helps you define important terminology.
      • New chapters provide you with more complete coverage of the pathology sonographers encounter in practice.
      • New case studies with critical-thinking questions set up realistic situations for you to use as a frame of reference.
      • 600 updated images produced by the latest technology keep you on the cutting-edge of sonography.
      • Instructor access to multiple-choice and image based test questions
      1. RUQ Pain
      2. Liver Mass
      3. Elevated Liver Function Tests/Diffuse Liver Disease
      4. Epigastric Pain
      5. Hematuria
      6. Rule Out Renal Obstruction/Renal Failure
      7. Cystic vs Solid Mass
      8. Left Upper Quadrant Mass/Rule Out Splenomegaly
      9. Pediatric Mass
      10. Question Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
      11. NEW! Acute RLQ Pain/Rule Out Appendicitis
      12. Neonatal Vomiting/Rule Out Pyloric Stenosis
      13. Retroperitoneal Mass
      14. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
      15. Localize Intrauterine Device
      16. PID
      17. Infertility
      18. Ovarian Mass
      19. Uncertain Last Menstrual Period/Pregnancy Dating
      20. Size Greater Than Dates
      21. Size Less Than Dates
      22. Bleeding with Pregnancy
      23. Multiple Gestation
      24. Elevated AFP
      25. Genetic Testing
      26. Fetal Anomaly
      27. Abnormal Fetal Echo
      28. Breast Mass
      29. Scrotal Mass/Scrotal Pain
      30. Neck Mass
      31. Elevated PSA
      32. Hip Dysplasia
      33. Premature Birth: Rule Out Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage
      34. NEW! Neonatal Spinal Dimple: Rule Out Tethered Cord
      35. Carotid Artery Disease
      36. Leg Pain/Rule Out DVT
      37. New! Claudication/Peripheral Arterial Disease
      Charlotte Henningsen, MS, RT, RDMS, RVT, Chair and Professor, Diagnostic Medical Sonography Department, Orlando, FL, Kathryn Kuntz, MEd, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS, Assistant Professor, Radiology
      Electronic Curriculum Coordinator
      Sonography Program
      Mayo Clinic

      Adjunct Faculty
      Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
      Orlando, FL

      SEAC, Inc
      Sonography Education & Accreditation Consulting, Inc and Diane J. Youngs, MEd, RDMS, RVT, Program Director
      Mayo School of Health Sciences Sonography Program
      Assistant Professor of Radiology
      College of Medicine
      Rochester, Minnesota


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