Respiratory Care Clinical Competency Lab Manual

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Respiratory Care Clinical Competency Lab Manual


Respiratory Care Clinical Competency Lab Manual provides the practical skills needed to apply classroom theory to clinical practice. This text has the flexibility to be used in conjunction with all other respiratory care titles, as well as in other disciplines that require competencies in respiratory therapy. With detailed, step-by-step procedures, supporting procedural illustrations, hands-on lab exercises, case studies, and critical thinking questions, this text helps you understand and apply theoretical knowledge by demonstrating specific skills. Procedural competency evaluation forms help you to assess your progress and performance of specific procedures.

    • Detailed, structured lab activities provide hands-on opportunities to assess psychomotor and patient communication skills in a controlled environment.
    • Content correlation to NBRC combined CRT/RRT exam content outlines helps you better prepare for credentialing exams.
    • Step-by-step procedural competencies prepare you for the RT competency areas established by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) and meet the national practice standards for patient care.
    • Up-to-date coverage of current technology, equipment, Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs), CPR guidelines, and CDC recommendations, and mass casualty/disaster management equips you with the most state-of-the-art training for respiratory care.
    • Integration of case-based questions within the lab activities helps you develop and promote your critical thinking abilities.
    • UNIQUE! Coverage of polysomnography addresses clinical evaluation in this expanding specialty area.
    • Over 200 images provide visual guidance on how to perform procedures.
    • UNIQUE! Reality Check boxes arm you with practical knowledge on real-world application of various procedures.
    • UNIQUE! Tip boxes supply you with helpful pointers for the clinical arena.
    • Glossary of terms offers quick reference to terms presented in the text.

    Section 1: Foundations for Clinical Practice

      • Quality and Evidence-Based Respiratory Care

      • Patient Safety, Communication and Medical Records

      • Principles of Infection Control

      • Patient Assessment

      • Preparing for Clinical Rotations

      Section 2: Interpreting Data Relating to Patient Care

      • Interpreting Clinical Lab Data

      • ECG Interpretation

      • Hemodynamic Monitoring

      • Analysis, Sampling and Monitoring of Gas Exchange

      • Pulmonary Function Testing

      • Chest X-Ray and Imaging Interpretation

      Section 3: Basic Therapeutics

      • Airway Management

      • Emergency Life Support

      • Humidity and Bland Aerosol Therapy

      • Storage and Delivery of Medical Gases

      • Medical Gas Therapy

      • Lung Expansion Therapy

      Section 4: Pulmonary Pharmacology

      • Airway Pharmacology

      • Delivery Devices

      Section 5: Critical Care Environment

      • Mechanical Ventilators

      • Noninvasive Ventilatory Support

      • Invasive Ventilatory Support

      • Monitoring and Management of the ICU Patient

      • Venous Access

      • Discontinuing Ventilatory Support

      Section 6: Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care

      • Respiratory Care of Neonatal and Pediatric Patients

      Section 7: Additional Settings and Opportunities for Respiratory Care

      • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

      • Polysomnography

      • Home Care and Transport

      Section 8: Preparing to Enter the Respiratory Care Profession

      • Interviewing and Preparing to Enter the Respiratory Care Profession

      Lab Activities

      Procedural Assessment Forms

      Answer Key to Lab Activities and Review Questions

      Appendix A: Normal/Common Values

      Appendix B: AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines


      Sandra T Hinski, MS, RRT-NPS, Faculty
      Respiratory Care Division
      Gateway Community College
      Phoenix, Arizona


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