Nutrition Concepts Online for Williams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 14th Edition
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Nutrition Concepts Online for Williams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 14th Edition


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Deepen your understanding of the most important nutrition concepts with this dynamic online course. Used in conjunction with Nix: Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 13th Edition, Nutrition Concepts Online integrates illustrations, animations, interactive exercises, and quizzes to reinforce your comprehension and provide an exciting, interactive learning experience.

  • Modular format enables you to supplement your learning with online lessons or work at your own pace.
  • Learning objectives help you focus your study on the most important concepts.
  • Reading assignments highlight textbook material and provide related questions to help you read and review more efficiently.
  • Hundreds of interactive exercises provide an engaging way to learn core topics with immediate feedback that helps you identify areas needing additional study.
  • Animations bring nutrition concepts to life with visual instructions or explanations of a process or system, such as digestion.
  • A case study at the beginning of each module challenges you to work through a realistic situation that relates to the module content.
  • Quizzes evaluate your understanding of all the major topics covered in a particular lesson.
  • Access to the new online version of Nutritrac Nutrition Analysis 5.0 offers a nutrition and weight management program that provides additional tools for learning with an expanded food database of over 5,000 foods in 18 different categories and a listing of more than 150 activities.
    • Versatile modular format allows for learning online, in classrooms or in blended learning environments.
    • Web based research activities and exercises provide engaging ways to learn core topics with immediate feedback to help students identify areas needing additional study.
    • Case studies accompany modules challenging students to work through a realistic situation relating to module content.
    • Discussion boards for students and instructors keep learning on track

    Nutrition in Wellness & Health Promotion Minerals Dietary Guidelines Energy Balance Body Composition Carbohydrates Physical Fitness & Exercise Digestion & Metabolism Fluids & Electrolytes Lipids Pregnancy & Lactation\ Protein Nutrition during Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence Vitamins GI Disorders Nutrition in Adulthood Disorders of the Accessory Organs Community Nutrition Diabetes Foodborne Illness Cardiovascular Disease Kidney Disease Malnutrition Cancer & AIDS Culture & Religion Enteral & Parenteral

    Staci Nix, MS, RD, CD, Assistant Professor, Division of Nutrition, College of Health, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT


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