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cover image - Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780323112802
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $27.95

Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd Edition

by Kevin T. Patton, PhD


cover image - Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology,2nd Edition
ISBN: 9780323112802
Page Count: 400
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $27.95
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Don’t be overwhelmed by the perils and pitfalls of learning A&P! Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd Edition provides a quick and easy overview of tips, strategies, and key A&P content to make studying more productive, more fun, and less time-consuming. A perfect on-the-go reference, this handy guide is packed with colorful cartoons, A&P visuals, illustrated tables, and keen insights to help you prepare for even the most dangerous labs and exams. Joining this excellent adventure are two new survival skills chapters plus strategies for using digital resources effectively. Written by renowned author and educator Kevin Patton, this book makes it easier to survive and conquer A&P!

    • Plan a Learning Strategy section helps you study more effectively by showing how to tailor your learning activities to suit your learning style.
    • Part 2: Maps, Charts, and Shortcuts breaks the subject of A&P into six sections, so you can quickly find the information you need in an easy-to-read and understand format.
    • Mnemonic devices and memorable analogies help you remember A&P concepts with ease.
    • Specific test-taking strategies help you prepare for and pass exams.
    • Instructions on how to read your A&P textbook lead to greater comprehension.
    • Dozens of tables make it easy to access the A&P facts you need to remember on the skeletal system, muscles, nerves, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, and more.
    • NEW! Know the Language chapter focuses on strategies for mastering medical terminology.
    • UPDATED information includes more on digital-based learning strategies, more examples, and additional study tips to develop skills in mastering pronunciation, dealing with test anxiety, using flashcards, and more.
    • New analogies and tips help you make deeper connections between challenging A&P concepts and the real world, including What’s a Gradient?, Bone Names Have Meaning, Mnemonics to Help You Learn Bone Structures, and more.
    • NEW! What to Do If You Get Lost chapter offers advice on getting back on track from Kevin Patton, whose enthusiasm, humor, and special insights have guided many students through the A&P wilderness.
    • New cartoons and illustrated tables simplify facts and concepts relating to topics such as tissues, joint movements, regions of the brain, and more.
    • New appendices on common abbreviations and word parts make it easy to look up prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and more.
  • PART 1: Introduction to the Survival Skills
    Survival Skill 1: Have a Winning Attitude
    Survival Skill 2: Know Your Learning Style
    Survival Skill 3: Know the Language
    Survival Skill 4: Plan a Learning Strategy
    Survival Skill 5: Arrange a Suitable Study Area
    Survival Skill 6: Plan a Reading Strategy
    Survival Skill 7: Analyze Your Note-Taking Skills
    Survival Skill 8: Study Actively
    Survival Skill 9: Use All Your Resources
    Survival Skill 10: Prepare for Tests
    Survival Skill 11: Use Test-Taking Strategies During and After a Test
    Survival Skill 12: What To Do If You Get Lost
    Special Survival Skills
     - Learners with Special Needs
     - Pronunciation
     - Time Management Tools
     - Returning Learners
     - Using Flash Cards Effectively
     - Using Your Digital Device to Study A&P
     - Test Anxiety
     - Climbing the Learning Pyramid
     - English as a Second Language
     - The Student Laboratory
    PART 2: Maps, Charts, & Shortcuts, Special Survival Skills: Using Models and Analogies
    1. The Body as a Whole
    2. Support and Movement
    3. Communication, Control, and Integration
    4. Transportation and Defense
    5. Respiration, Nutrition, and Excretion
    6. Reproduction and Development
    Common Word Parts
    Common Abbreviations
  • Kevin T. Patton, PhD, Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Instruction, Northeast College of Health Sciences, Seneca Falls, New York; Professor Emeritus of Life Sciences, St. Charles Community College, Cottleville, Missouri; Assistant Professor Emeritus of Physiology, Course Director Emeritus in Human Physiology, St. Louis University Medical School, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Was $27.95
Now $26.55
Free Shipping!
In Stock