ISBN: 9780323136389
Page Count: 264
Imprint: Mosby
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Essentails of Radiographic Physics and Imaging - Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study,

by James Johnston, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(CV) and Terri L. Fauber, EdD, RT(R)(M)
Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study
ISBN: 9780323136389
Page Count: 264
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $108.00
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From basic physics principles to the actual process of producing diagnostic-quality x-rays, Essentials of Radiographic Physics and Imaging effectively guides you through the physics and imaging information you need to excel on your ARRT exam and as a professional radiographer. The text's clear language and logical organization help you easily master physics principles as they apply to imaging, plus radiation production and characteristics, imaging equipment, film screen image acquisition and processing, digital image acquisition and display, basics of computed tomography, image analysis, and more. Theory to Practice discussions help you link these principles to real-world applications and practice.

    • An emphasis on practical information provides just what you need to know to pass the ARRT exam and to be a competent practitioner.
    • Integrated coverage of digital radiography describes how to acquire, process, and display digital images, and explains the advantages and limitations of digital vs. conventional imaging processes.
    • Theory to Practice succinctly explains the application of the concept being discussed and helps you understand how to use the information in clinical practice.
    • Make the Connection links physics and imaging concepts to help you fully appreciate the importance of both subjects.
    • Math applications demonstrate how mathematical concepts and formulas are applied in the clinical setting.
    • Critical Concepts further explain and emphasize key points in the chapters.
    • Learning features highlight important information with an outline, key terms, and objectives at the beginning of each chapter and a chapter summary at the end.
    • A glossary of key terms provides a handy reference.
  • 1. Introduction to the Imaging Sciences

    Section I: Principles of Radiation Physics

    2. Structure of the Atom

    3. Electromagnetic and Particulate Radiation

    4. The X-ray Circuit

    5. The X-Ray Tube

    6. X-Ray Production

    7. X-Ray Interactions with Matter

    Section II: Image Production and Evaluation

    8. Image Production

    9. Image Characteristics

    10. Radiographic Exposure Technique

    11. Scatter Control

    12. Image Receptors

    Section III: Specialized Radiographic Equipment

    13. Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

    14. Image Intensified Fluoroscopy

    15. Additional Equipment

    16. Computed Tomography

    Glossary of Key Terms

  • James Johnston, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(CV), Associate Professor Radiologic Sciences
    Director of Interdisciplinary Education for the
    College of Health Sciences and Human Services
    Midwestern State University
    Wichita Falls, TX and Terri L. Fauber, EdD, RT(R)(M), Associate Professor and Radiography Program Director, Department of Radiation Sciences, School of Allied Health Professions, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
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