Workbook for Pharmacy Practice Today for the Pharmacy Technician

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Workbook for Pharmacy Practice Today for the Pharmacy Technician


Reinforce your knowledge of the pharmacy technician role, and prepare for certification exams! Corresponding to the chapters in Pharmacy Practice for Today’s Pharmacy Technician: Career Training for the Pharmacy Technician, by LiAnne Webster, this practical workbook offers a wide variety of review questions relating to essential pharmacy technician tasks and skills. Critical thinking exercises help you apply what you’ve learned to real-life situations in pharmacy practice.

  • Fill-in-the-blank, matching, and multiple-choice questions test your understanding of chapter terminology and content, and help you prepare for exams.
  • Critical Thinking exercises in each chapter use case studies to apply what you’ve learned to real-life situations.
  • Internet research activities ask you to perform online research.

Unit I: An Introduction to Pharmacy Practice 1. Historical Review of Pharmacy Practice 2. Pharmacy Law and State Boards of Pharmacy: Examining Regulatory Standards that Govern Pharmacy Practice 3. The Study of Bioethics in Pharmacy Technician Practice 4. Pharmacy Professional Organizations 5. Medical Terminology: Learning the Language of the Medication Order

Unit II: Community Pharmacy Practice 6. The Structure and Workflow Processes of the Community Pharmacy Practice 7. Team Building and Professionalism in Pharmacy Practice 8. Pharmacology: The Study of Drugs and Their Effects 9. Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms 10. Pharmaceutical Calculations 11. The Principles of Non-Sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding 12. Pharmacy Billing and Claims Processing 13. Cultural Competence: The Journey to Effective Communication in a Culturally Diverse Society 14. Infection Control 15. Pharmacy Materials Management 16. Medication Safety and Error Prevention

Unit III: Institutional Pharmacy Practice 17. The Structure & Organization of Institutional Pharmacy Practice 18. Institutional Pharmacy Practice II: Drug Distribution Systems 19. Aseptic Admixture & Compounding Sterile Preparations 20. Green Pharmacy Practice 21. Preparing for What Lies Ahead: The Technician Career Path Overview 22. Identifying Quality Leadership and CQI Process Management in Pharmacy Practice 23. Certification Review for Pharmacy Technicians

LiAnne C. Webster


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