Practice Management for the Dental Team - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 8th Edition
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource®

Practice Management for the Dental Team - Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 8th Edition


Learn the business skills you need to run a dental office! Practice Management for the Dental Team, 8th Edition, is comprehensive one-stop resource for dental practice management and the only one that includes EagleSoft practice management software screen shots and exercises for a realistic office experience. This unique text provides practical information on a wide range of dental office skills, from managing patients to running the business. The 8th Edition covers changes in technology in the dental office, including the electronic health record (EHR); telecommunications; appointment scheduling and tracking, and dental office accounting and financial management.

  • All aspects of the business of managing a dental practice are covered, focusing on the functions generally performed by the administrative assistant but including information useful to dental assistants, dental hygienists, and other members of the dental team.

  • A Patterson Dental EagleSoft CD-ROM (included with the workbook) provides you with valuable realistic practice experience with this widely used software program.

  • Expert author Betty Ladley Finkbeiner is a leading authority in dental assisting education with many years of experience and many publications to her credit.

  • Key terms are bolded and defined at the end of each chapter, putting new vocabulary at your fingertips.

  • Summary tables and boxes make it easy to find key information.

  • Practice Note boxes highlight and summarize important concepts.

  • Chapter outlines and objectives introduce material and serve as checkpoints for reference or study.

  • End-of-chapter learning activities include review questions and suggested activities for better comprehension of the material.

  • Useful appendixes provide easy-to-find resources including a review of grammar to promote proper business communication, common medical abbreviations, and a listing of dental terminology.
  • A NEW two-column format makes the book more compact and easier to read.

  • A new focus on paperless technology and updated illustrations and photos of traditional paperwork keep you up to date with current practices.

  • Expanded coverage of information security includes the latest on keeping communications secure within the office environment.

  • Updated coverage of financial procedures includes information on electronic banking, record keeping, and tax forms.

  • Evolve resources for students include online access to EagleSoft practice exercises that use actual screen shots to illustrate proper procedures and potential pitfalls, along with updates to content, working forms and templates, and crossword puzzles for vocabulary review.

  • A workbook provides exercises using the practice management software, plus summaries of textbook content, learning objectives, practice questions and answers, critical thinking exercises, and Internet assignments. Sold separately.
1. The Business of Dentistry
2. Dental Team Management
3. Patient Management
4. Legal and Ethical Issues in the Dental Business Office
5. Technology in the Business Office
6. Office Design and Equipment Placement
7. Working with Dental Office Documents
8. Business Record Storage
9. Written Communication
10. Electronic and Telecommunications
11. Appointment Management Systems
12. Inventory Systems and Supply Ordering
13. Recall Systems
14. Dental Insurance
15. Financial Systems:  Accounts Receivable
16. Other Financial Systems
17. Infection Control Systems
18. Planning and Managing Your Career Path
Appendix A Composition Basics
Appendix B Numbers
Appendix C Prefixes and Suffixes
Appendix D Abbreviations
Appendix E Dental Terminology
Betty Ladley Finkbeiner, CDA Emeritus, RDA, BS, MS, Emeritus Faculty, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI and Charles Allan Finkbeiner, BS, MS, Emeritus Faculty, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI


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