Humane Behavioral Care for Dogs

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Humane Behavioral Care for Dogs


Understand and treat the behavior challenges of dogs and cats!  Veterinary behavior specialist Karen Overall shares proven techniques of behavior modification in her practical approach to the treatment and prevention of common small animal behavioral problems. A 30-minute video demonstrates proven techniques for correcting canine behavioral problems.
  • Training tips including:
    • How to instructor your dog about your expectations of his behavior
    • The protocol for deference and the protocol for relaxation
    • How to teach your dog to take a deep breath
    • Three simple steps toward improved behavior in your dog
    • How to avoid putting your dog in uncomfortable situations
    • How to avoid punishment
  • 45 client handouts are the perfect tool for veterinarians and/or trainers to use to help pet owners understand and deal with countless behavioral problems encountered in dogs and cats.
  • Twelve informed consent forms are included to use when prescribing drugs.
  • Five questionnaires are available for use during veterinary visits to help identify undesirable behavior. All are suitable for downloading and sharing with clients.
Karen Overall, MA, VMD, PhD, DACVB, CAAB


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