Workbook for Radiologic Science for Technologists - eBook on VitalSource, 10th Edition
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Workbook for Radiologic Science for Technologists - eBook on VitalSource, 10th Edition


Sharpen your radiographic skills and reinforce what you've learned in Bushong's Radiologic Science for Technologists, 10th Edition. Corresponding to the chapters in the textbook, this workbook helps you learn by doing worksheets, crossword puzzles, and math exercises. A Math Tutor section helps you brush up on your math skills. You'll gain the scientific understanding and practical experience necessary to become an informed, confident radiographer.

  • In-depth coverage lets you review and apply all of the major concepts from the text.

  • Over 100 worksheets make it easy to review specific topics, and are numbered according to textbook chapter.
  • Math Tutor exercises provide a great refresher for beginning students or extra practice with decimal and fractional timers, fraction/decimal conversion, solving for desired mAs, and technique adjustments.

  • Penguin boxes summarize relevant information from the textbook, making it easier to review major concepts and do worksheet exercises.
  • New worksheets on digital radiographic technique and the digital image display provide an excellent review of the new textbook chapters.

  • Closer correlation to the textbook simplifies your review.


Part I: Radiologic Physics

1. Essential Concepts of Radiologic Science

2. The Structure of Matter

3. Electromagnetic Energy

4. Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism

Part II: X-Radiation

5. The X-ray Imaging System

6. The X-ray Tube

7. X-ray Production

8. X-ray Emission

9. X-ray Interaction with Matter

Part III: The Radiographic Image

10. Concepts of Radiographic Image Quality

11. Control of Scatter Radiation

12. Screen-Film Radiography

13. Screen-Film Radiographic Technique

Part IV: The Digital Radiographic Image

14. Computers in Medical Imaging

15. Computed Radiography

16. Digital Radiography

17. Digital Radiographic Technique  NEW!

Part V: Image Artifacts and Quality Control

18. Viewing the Digital Radiographic Image

19. Screen-Film Radiographic Artifacts

20. Screen-Film Radiographic Quality Control

21. Digital Radiographic Artifacts

Part VI: Advanced X-Ray Imaging

22. Mammography -- Digital Radiographic Quality Control

23. Mammography

24. Mammography Quality Control

25. Fluoroscopy

26. Digital Fluoroscopy

27. Interventional Radiography

28. Computed Tomography

Part VII: Viewing The Digital Image

29. Features of the Digital Image

30. The Digital Image Display  NEW!

31. Viewing the Digital Image

32. Digital Display Device Quality Control

Part VIII: Radiobiology

33. Human Biology

34. Fundamental Principles of Radiobiology

35. Molecular and Cellular Radiobiology

36. Deterministic Effects of Radiation Exposure

37. Stochastic Effects of Radiation Exposure

Part IX: Radiation Protection

38. Health Physics

39. Designing for Radiation Protection

40. Patient Radiation Dose Management

41. Occupational Radiation Dose Management Math Tutor Worksheet Answers Math Tutor Answers

Stewart C. Bushong, ScD, FACR, FACMP, Professor of Radiologic Science, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX


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