cover image - Introduction to Research,5th Edition
ISBN: 9780323261715
Page Count: 416
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $74.95

Introduction to Research, 5th Edition

by Elizabeth DePoy, PhD, OTR, MSW and Laura N. Gitlin, PhD., FGSA, FAAN
cover image - Introduction to Research,5th Edition
ISBN: 9780323261715
Page Count: 416
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $74.95
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Bridge the gap between research and practice with Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read edition covers all the major research design strategies: qualitative, quantitative, naturalistic, experimental-type, and mixed method. And with the text’s up-to-date research information and references, you will have a solid foundation from which to critique and understand research designs and their applications to healthcare and human service settings.

    • Case examples provide real-life snapshots of what it is like to participate in different types of research processes, identify research dilemmas relevant to chapter subjects, and alert you to problems you might encounter.
    • Authors make the topics more accessible, so research becomes more relevant - and topics come to life.
    • Covers experimental-type, naturalistic, and mixed method design strategies to improve your ability to compare, contrast, and integrate different methods.
    • Presents complex information clearly in a highly readable, and easy-to-understand, manner.
    • Includes detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, a unique and balanced focus that makes this text more comprehensive than others in its field.
    • NEW! Up-to-date research methods, strategies, and references, like digital sources, visual methods, and geographical analysis, give you the latest information on research in diverse areas of health and human services.
  • Part 1: Introduction
    1. Research as an Important Way of Knowing
    2. Essentials
    3. Research Ethics
    Part II: Thinking Processes
    4. Philosophical Foundations
    5. Framing the Problem
    6. Developing a Knowledge Base Through Literature and Resources
    7. Theory in Research
    8. Asking Questions and Posing Queries
    9. Language and Thinking Processes
    Part III: Design Approaches
    10. Experimental-Type Designs
    11. Naturalistic Designs
    12. Mixed Method Designs
    Part V: Action Processes
    13. Setting Boundaries
    14. Boundary Setting in Experimental-Type Design
    15. Boundary Setting in Naturalistic Analysis
    16. Boundary Setting in Mixed Methods
    17. Collecting Information
    18. Collecting Data Through Measurement in Experimental-Type Design
    19. Gathering Information in Naturalistic Analysis
    20. Preparing and Organizing Data
    21. Statistical Analysis for Experimental-Type Research
    22. Analysis in Naturalistic Inquiry
    23. Sharing Research Knowledge Before the Study
    24. Sharing Research Knowledge During and After the Study
    Part V: Improving Practice Through Inquiry
    25. Reciprocal Roles of Research, Knowledge Development, and Practice
    26. Stories from the Field
  • Elizabeth DePoy, PhD, OTR, MSW, University of Maine, Orono, ME and Laura N. Gitlin, PhD., FGSA, FAAN, Distinguished University Professor
    Dean, College of Nursing and Health Professions
    Drexel University
    Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins school of Nursing
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