cover image - Introduction to Research,5th Edition
ISBN: 9780323261715
Page Count: 416
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $74.95

Introduction to Research,5th Edition

by Elizabeth DePoy, PhD, OTR, MSW and Laura N. Gitlin, PhD
cover image - Introduction to Research,5th Edition
ISBN: 9780323261715
Page Count: 416
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $74.95
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Bridge the gap between research and practice with Introduction to Research: Understanding and Applying Multiple Strategies, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read edition covers all the major research design strategies: qualitative, quantitative, naturalistic, experimental-type, and mixed method. And with the text’s up-to-date research information and references, you will have a solid foundation from which to critique and understand research designs and their applications to healthcare and human service settings.

    • Case examples provide real-life snapshots of what it is like to participate in different types of research processes, identify research dilemmas relevant to chapter subjects, and alert you to problems you might encounter.
    • Authors make the topics more accessible, so research becomes more relevant - and topics come to life.
    • Covers experimental-type, naturalistic, and mixed method design strategies to improve your ability to compare, contrast, and integrate different methods.
    • Presents complex information clearly in a highly readable, and easy-to-understand, manner.
    • Includes detailed discussions of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, a unique and balanced focus that makes this text more comprehensive than others in its field.
    • NEW! Up-to-date research methods, strategies, and references, like digital sources, visual methods, and geographical analysis, give you the latest information on research in diverse areas of health and human services.
  • Part 1: Introduction
    1. Research as an Important Way of Knowing
    2. Essentials
    3. Research Ethics
    Part II: Thinking Processes
    4. Philosophical Foundations
    5. Framing the Problem
    6. Developing a Knowledge Base Through Literature and Resources
    7. Theory in Research
    8. Asking Questions and Posing Queries
    9. Language and Thinking Processes
    Part III: Design Approaches
    10. Experimental-Type Designs
    11. Naturalistic Designs
    12. Mixed Method Designs
    Part V: Action Processes
    13. Setting Boundaries
    14. Boundary Setting in Experimental-Type Design
    15. Boundary Setting in Naturalistic Analysis
    16. Boundary Setting in Mixed Methods
    17. Collecting Information
    18. Collecting Data Through Measurement in Experimental-Type Design
    19. Gathering Information in Naturalistic Analysis
    20. Preparing and Organizing Data
    21. Statistical Analysis for Experimental-Type Research
    22. Analysis in Naturalistic Inquiry
    23. Sharing Research Knowledge Before the Study
    24. Sharing Research Knowledge During and After the Study
    Part V: Improving Practice Through Inquiry
    25. Reciprocal Roles of Research, Knowledge Development, and Practice
    26. Stories from the Field
  • Elizabeth DePoy, PhD, OTR, MSW, University of Maine, Orono, ME and Laura N. Gitlin, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
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