Workbook for Health Careers Today, 6th Edition

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Workbook for Health Careers Today, 6th Edition


Reinforce your understanding of health care skills and careers with practical exercises! Corresponding to the chapters in Health Careers Today, 6th Edition by Judith Gerdin, this workbook includes fun and engaging activities to support important concepts. With vocabulary and abbreviations exercises, concept applications, laboratory exercises, coloring and labeling, online activities, and more, Workbook for Health Careers Today is an excellent tool for mastering textbook material and preparing for exams.

    • Key terms and medical terminology activities in each chapter make it easy to learn health care terminology.
    • Abbreviations exercises help you learn medical abbreviations and acronyms, along with their definitions.
    • Concept application exercises cover key information and help in applying knowledge to the real world.
    • Laboratory exercises offer hands-on activities to hone your lab skills and learn pharmacology.
    • Critical-thinking activities build your decision-making skills.
    • Coloring and labeling exercises help you learn key concepts and understand anatomical structures.
    • Online activities offer practice with finding information and conducting research on the Internet.
      • NEW! Three new chapters cover professionalism, medical mathematics, and medical terminology, offering the practice and repetition you need to master the basics of health care.
      Unit I: Career Foundation
       1. Health Care of the Past, Present, and Future
       2.  Interpersonal Dynamics, Systems, and Communications
       3. Safety, Health, and Environmental Practices
       4. Ethics and Legal Responsibilities
       5. Culture and Health Care
       6. Employability and Career Development
       7. Academic Foundation
       8. Wellness, Growth and Development
       9. Professionalism  NEW!
       10. Medical Mathematics  NEW!
       11. Medical Terminology  NEW!
      Unit II: Anatomy and Physiology
       12. Body Organization
       13. Integumentary System
       14. Cardiovascular System
       15. Circulatory System
       16. Respiratory System
       17. Skeletal System
       18. Muscular System
       19. Digestive System
       20. Urinary System
       21. Endocrine System
       22. Nervous System
       23. Sensory System
       24. Reproductive System
      Unit III: Career Pathways
       25. Biotechnology Research and Development Careers
       26. Clinical Laboratory and Medical Forensics Careers
       27. Imaging Careers
       28. Emergency Health Careers
       29. Information and Administration Careers
       30. Environmental Careers
       31. Nursing Careers
       32. Medical Careers
       33. Dental Careers
       34. Complementary and Alternative Careers
       35. Veterinary Careers
       36. Community and Social Careers
       37. Mental Health Careers
       38. Rehabilitative Careers
      Judith Gerdin, BSN, MS, Paradise Valley High School, Phoenix, AZ


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