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cover image - Clinical Medical Assisting Online for Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants,9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323287029
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $62.95

Clinical Medical Assisting Online for Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants, 9th Edition

by Elsevier

Online Course

cover image - Clinical Medical Assisting Online for Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants,9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323287029
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $62.95


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Clinical Medical Assisting Online is an engaging, fully integrated online course that supplements the comprehensive coverage of Clinical Procedures for the Medical Assistant, 9th Edition with interactive exercises to prepare you for professional success in medical assisting. Ideal for distance learning or an enhanced classroom experience, this new edition is competency-based and more interactive than ever, giving you practice performing the clinical tasks you’ll encounter on the job.

Duration for access to this product is for the life of the edition.

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    • Easy-to-use learning modules correspond directly to textbook content to strengthen your understanding.
    • Self-comprehension questions and interactive exercises interspersed throughout allow you to check your comprehension and learn from feedback
    • Engaging Training Activities cover key curriculum competencies, guiding you step-by-step through important skills and encouraging you to try them on your own.
    • Video clips demonstrate the most commonly performed clinical procedures and techniques in vivid detail.
    • Pop-up boxes provide further explanations, forms, or oversized figures, enabling you to "dig deeper" and see the tools and paperwork actually used on the job.
    • Automatically scored quizzes and exams help you evaluate your comprehension and check your grade at any time throughout the course.
    • A glossary of definitions with audio pronunciations is linked on each screen to help you learn the correct definitions in context.
    • NEW! Updated page references reflect the revision of the Bonewit-West Clinical 9th Edition textbook.
  • Module 1.1: The Medical Record Lesson 1: Development of a Medical Record System Lesson 2: Components of Documentation Lesson 3: Legal Issues Lesson 4: Types of Medical Records Lesson 5: Systems for Organization Lesson 6: Organization of the Record Lesson 7: Content within the Medical Record Lesson 8: Filing Equipment and Supplies Lesson 9: Obtain and Document Patient History

    Module 2.1: Medical Asepsis Lesson 1: Infection Process Cycle Lesson 2: Medical and Surgical Asepsis Lesson 3: Handwashing Guidelines Lesson 4: Alternative Methods of Hand Sanitization

    Module 2.2: The OSHA Standard Lesson 1: Federal Regulations and Guidelines Lesson 2: Exposure Control Plan Lesson 3: Practice Standard Precautions Lesson 4: Infectious Waste Regulations

    Module 3.1: Sterilization and Disinfection Lesson 1: Sanitization, Disinfection, and Sterilization Lesson 2: Sanitizing Instrument Guidelines Lesson 3: Sterilization and Disinfection Terms and Methods Lesson 4: Disinfection Guidelines Lesson 5: Autoclave Sterilization Guidelines Lesson 6: Wrapping Supplies Lesson 7: Wrapping Guidelines Lesson 8: Causes of Improper Sterilization Lesson 9: Quality Control Measures

    Module 4.1: Vital Signs Lesson 1: Body Temperature Lesson 2: Pulse and Respiration Lesson 3: Blood Pressure

    Module 5.1: The Physical Examination Lesson 1: Prepare Examination and Treatment Areas Lesson 2: Prepare Patient for Routine and Specialty Examinations Lesson 3: Measure Height and Weight Lesson 4: Assist with Routine and Specialty Examinations

    Module 6.1: Eye and Ear Assessment and Procedures Lesson 1: The Visual Sense Lesson 2: The Auditory Sense Lesson 3: Screen Patient for Visual and Hearing Acuity Lesson 4: Assisting with Otolaryngology Examinations

    Module 7.1: Physical Agents to Promote Tissue Healing Lesson 1: Therapeutic Procedures

    Module 8.1: The Gynecologic Examination and Prenatal Care Lesson 1: Assisting with the Gynecological Examination Lesson 2: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Lesson 3: Pregnancy and Pregnancy Disorders

    Module 9.1: The Pediatric Examination Lesson 1: Assisting with the Pediatric Examination Lesson 2: Immunization for Infants, Children, and Adults Lesson 3: Maintain Immunization Records

    Module 10.1: Minor Office Surgery Lesson 1: Principles of Surgical Asepsis Lesson 2: Surgical Instruments Lesson 3: Dressing Change Lesson 4: Suture Removal Lesson 5: Bandages

    Module 11.1: Administration of Medication and Intravenous Therapy Lesson 1: Principles of Pharmacology and Administering Medications Lesson 2: Calculating Medication Doses Lesson 3: Routes of Administration Lesson 4: Maintain Medication Records Lesson 5: Tuberculin Skin Testing Lesson 6: Common Allergy Tests

    Module 12.1: Cardiopulmonary Procedures Lesson 1: The Heart Lesson 2: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 3: Guidelines for Taking an Electrocardiogram Lesson 4: Artifacts Lesson 5: Cardiac Arrhythmias Lesson 6: Respiratory Testing Equipment and Supplies Lesson 7: Administering Pulmonary Function Tests Lesson 8: Guidelines for Optimal Test Results

    Module 13.1: Colon Procedures and Reproductive Health Lesson 1: Purpose Lesson 2: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 3: Patient and Specimen Identification Lesson 4: Quality Assurance Issues Lesson 5: Assisting with Gastroenterology Examinations Lesson 6: Diseases and Disorders of the Male Reproductive System

    Module 14.1: Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Lesson 1: Radiography and Digital Imaging Lesson 2: Positioning for Radiographic Procedures Lesson 3: Radiation Protection

    Module 15.1: Introduction to the Clinical Laboratory Lesson 1: Documenting Tests and Procedures Lesson 2: Quality Assurance and Quality Control Lesson 3: Assuring and Controlling Quality Lesson 4: Screen Test Results

    Module 16.1: Urinalysis Lesson 1: Structure and Function of the Urinary System Lesson 2: Collection Methods Lesson 3: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 4: Patient and Specimen Identification Lesson 5: Quality Assurance Issues Lesson 6: Testing Methods Lesson 7: Normal Values Lesson 8: Documentation Lesson 9: Quality Control and Assurance Issues Lesson 10: Storage and Disposal Lesson 11: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Testing

    Module 17.1: Phlebotomy—Venipuncture Lesson 1: Purpose of Venipuncture Lesson 2: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 3: Vacuum Tubes Lesson 4: Needles Lesson 5: Position and Sites Lesson 6: Patient and Specimen Identification Lesson 7: Venipuncture Guidelines Lesson 8: Quality Assurance Issues Lesson 9: Knowledge Areas

    Module 17.2: Phlebotomy—Perform Capillary Puncture Lesson 1: Purpose of Capillary Puncture Lesson 2: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 3: Sites Lesson 4: Patient and Specimen Identification Lesson 5: Capillary Puncture Guidelines Lesson 6: Quality Assurance Issues Lesson 7: Knowledge Areas

    Module 18.1: Hematology Lesson 1: The Blood Lesson 2: Collection Methods Lesson 3: Hematology Tests Lesson 4: Documentation Lesson 5: Quality Control and Assurance Issues Lesson 6: Storage and Disposal

    Module 19.1: Blood Chemistry and Immunology Lesson 1: Common Blood Chemistry Tests Lesson 2: Collection Methods Lesson 3: Quality Control and Assurance Lesson 4: Glucose Lesson 5: Cholesterol Lesson 6: Common Serology and Microbiology Testing Lesson 7: Blood Typing and the Rh Factor

    Module 20.1: Medical Microbiology Lesson 1: Collection of Specimens for Microbiology Testing Lesson 2: Preparation of Specimens for Microbiology Testing Lesson 3: Equipment and Supplies Lesson 4: Obtaining Specimens for Microbiology Testing Lesson 5: Patient and Specimen Identification Lesson 6: Specimen Collection Guidelines

    Module 21.1: Emergency Medical Procedures Lesson 1: Overview of Emergency Care Lesson 2: Office Safety and Disaster Preparedness Lesson 3: Providing Emergency Care (Part 1) Lesson 4: Providing Emergency Care (Part 2)

  • Elsevier


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