Small Animal Clinical Techniques, 2nd Edition

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Small Animal Clinical Techniques, 2nd Edition


See how to confidently care for small animal patients with Taylor’s clear instructions, procedural videos, and new images. Featuring more than 60 techniques and procedures, Small Animal Clinical Techniques, 2nd Edition provides a highly visual, step-by-step guide to the diagnostic and therapeutic clinical techniques essential to small animal practice. Each procedure walks you through the purpose, indications, contraindications and concerns, complications, special anatomy, equipment, restraint, and procedure techniques. And interactive learning modules on the companion website help you master the skills you need to succeed on the job.

    • More than 60 of the most common procedures performed by vet techs and assistants are covered in a clear, concise, and engaging way to help improve your understanding.
    • A consistent approach to all procedures with step-by-step instructions, principles, and photographs allows you to think logically and perform the skills well.
    • Over 800 full-color drawings and photographs, overlaid with line drawings to further clarify the musculature and circulatory systems beneath the skin of the patient, reinforce visual understanding of key concepts.
      • NEW! Evolve website with interactive modules and videos showing clinical techniques lets you access the modules and videos anywhere, anytime.
      • NEW! More procedural videos showing visual-dependent techniques, such as a neurologic exam, help illustrate the complexities of procedures that are all about movement.
      • UPDATED! New images to accompany updated and added procedures, including more high quality photos with line drawing overlays, keep procedures relevant and modern.
      1. Venous Blood Collection
      2. Arterial Blood Collection
      3. Injection Techniques
      4. NEW! Vascular Access Techniques
      5. Dermatologic Techniques
      6. Ear Examination
      7. Ocular Techniques
      8. Respiratory System Techniques
      9. Pericardiocentesis
      10. Gastrointestinal System Techniques
      11. Urinary System Techniques
      12. Vaginal Cytology
      13. Bone Marrow Collection
      14. Arthrocentesis
      15. NEW! Neurologic Examination
      16. Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection
      17. NEW! Tests to Assess Clotting
      Susan Meric Taylor, DVM, Diplomate ACVIM, Professor of Small Animal Medicine, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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