ISBN: 9780323356190
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $250.00

Simulation Learning System for RN 2.0,

by Elsevier
Simulations - SLS
ISBN: 9780323356190
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $250.00
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The Simulation Learning System (SLS) for RN 2.0 is an online toolkit designed to help nursing programs effectively incorporate simulation into their curriculum. This comprehensive product offers over 160 simulation scenarios that correspond to Elsevier’s market-leading texts in each core nursing discipline: Nursing Health Assessment, Nursing Fundamentals, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, OB-Peds Nursing, Women’s Health Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, Leadership, and Community. It also offers detailed instructions for preparation and implementation of the simulation experience, debriefing questions that encourage critical thinking, and learning resources to reinforce comprehension. Bridge the gap between lecture and clinicals with Elsevier’s Simulation Learning System (SLS) for RN 2.0. STUDENT ACCESS ONLY – INSTITUTIONAL LICENSE REQUIRED.

Duration for access to this product, which may be at the discretion of your institution, is up to 36 months. Elsevier reserves the right to restrict or remove access due to changes in product portfolio or other market conditions.

    • Full simulation scenarios correspond to Elsevier’s market-leading nursing texts in each core nursing discipline:
        • Scenarios for Medical-Surgical Nursing
        • 21 scenarios for OB Nursing
        • Scenarios for Pediatric Nursing
        • 50 scenarios for Nursing Health Assessment
        • Scenarios for Nursing Fundamentals
        • 12 scenarios for Psychiatric Nursing
        • 13 scenarios for Community
        • 3 scenarios for Leadership
    • Robust EHR platform (powered by SimChart) houses the skills drills and patient records for simulation.
    • More than 600 skills drills give you additional opportunities to practice and master core skills prior to simulation. Each drill includes documentation exercises connected with the skill, so you’ll get more experience working within the EHR.
    • Pre- and post-simulation activities help you prepare and reinforce understanding after simulation.
    • NEW! One course containing all SLS for RN content (so only one access code will be needed)
    • NEW! Scenarios for community health nursing and leadership/management
    • Reviewed/updated content
    • NEW! Scenario Finder application, with connections to curricular concepts
    • NEW! Simulation Playground for practice with documentation
    • NEW! Moulage Manual
      • Over 86 moulage recipes
      • Full-color photos
    • NEW! Concept Search Tool
      • Find scenarios by nursing concept
      • Includes simulation, classroom, clinical, and skills activities
      • Direct access to Implementation Modules and Facilitator’s Packets
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Or $0.00 with a valid access code