ISBN: 9780323394390
Imprint: Elsevier
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Clinical Skills: Neonatal Collection (Access Card),

by Elsevier
Video Series - Access Card
ISBN: 9780323394390
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $119.00
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Learn to master the most important nursing skills before you ever step foot in the clinical environment. Clinical Skills: Neonatal Collection is an engaging, web-based learning tool that guides users through 55 of the most important neonatal nursing skills. Each skill in the collection uses the same seven-part framework to walk you through every aspect of the skill. From special patient and safety considerations to the equipment and techniques used in the skill, this assembly of animations, interactive learning tools, and in-depth explanations will leave you with a 360-degree understanding of how to safely and effectively perform each skill.

Duration for access to this product is for the life of the edition.

    • Convenient web-based program utilizes the same professional format that practicing nurses use to train.
    • Consistent, competency-based format for learning skills offers a standardized way for you to learn and perform skills. Most skills feature the same types of skill learning tools to help you obtain a more holistic understanding of the skill and standard QSEN nursing competencies.
        • Quick sheet provides a concise, step-by-step summary of the skill.
        • Extended text offers an in-depth look at all aspects of the skill. Subjects addressed in the extended text section include:
          • Safety alerts
          • Supplies
          • Patient and family education
          • Procedures
          • Delegation opportunities
          • Monitoring and care
          • Expected and unexpected outcomes
          • Documentation guidelines
          • Special gerontologic, pediatric, and home care considerations
          • Evidence-based references
          • Additional reading suggestions

        • Equipment list helps to familiarize you with each piece of equipment needed to perform the skill.
        • Demonstration animations visually guide you through every necessary step involved in the skill.
        • Images and illustrations highlight crucial procedures, equipment, and documents involved in the skill.
        • Competency tests with rationales help you review and evaluate your understanding of the skill.
        • Printable evaluation checklists help you measure and track various skill competencies.
    • Up-to-date, evidence-based content is reviewed and revised annually by clinical skills experts to reflect changes in practice as they arise.
  • 55 Neonatal Nursing Skills
    Umbilical Vessel Catheter: Securing (Neonatal)
    Umbilical Vessel Catheter: Drawing Blood (Neonatal)
    Heel Stick (Neonatal)
    Skin-to-Skin Contact (Neonatal)
    Breast Milk: Collection, Storage, and Administration (Neonatal)
    Positioning (Neonatal)
    Thermoregulation: Delivery Room Care, Radiant Warmers, and Double-Walled Incubators (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube Intubation (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube: Closed Suctioning (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube: Open Suctioning (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube: Skin and Oral Care (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube: Securing (Neonatal)
    Chest Tube Insertion (Neonatal)
    Chest Tube: Closed Drainage System (Neonatal)
    Lumbar Puncture (Neonatal)
    Enteral Nutrition: Feeding Tube (Neonatal)
    Delivery Room Assessment and Stabilization of the Preterm Infant (Neonatal)
    Eye Examinations (Neonatal)
    Pain Assessment (Neonatal)
    Urine Specimen: Male Catheterization (Neonatal)
    Urine Specimen: Female Catheterization (Neonatal)
    Noninvasive Respiratory Support (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Extubation (Neonatal)
    Skin Assessment (Neonatal)
    Peripheral Arterial Lines (Neonatal)
    Blood Specimen Collection: Venipuncture (Neonatal)
    Central Venous Catheter: Insertion and Removal (Neonatal)
    Central Venous Catheter: Blood Sampling (Neonatal)
    Central Venous Catheter: Site Care (Neonatal)
    Exchange Transfusions (Neonatal)
    Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (Neonatal)
    Ostomy Care (Neonatal)
    Intravenous Therapy: Line Insertion (Neonatal)
    Abstinence Scoring (Neonatal)
    Developmental Care (Neonatal)
    Bathing: Sponge and Immersion (Neonatal)
    Patent Ductus Arteriosus Ligation (Neonatal)
    Peritoneal Dialysis (Neonatal)
    Mechanical Ventilation (Neonatal)
    Admission Assessment (Neonatal)
    Umbilical Vessel Catheter Insertion: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Urine Specimen: Bladder Aspiration: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Radial Artery Puncture (Neonatal)
    Needle Thoracostomy: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Peripheral Arterial Line Placement: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Peripherally Inserted Central Lines (Neonatal)
    Lumbar Puncture: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Chest Tube Removal: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Endotracheal Tube Intubation: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Chest Tube Insertion: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Thoracentesis: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Pigtail Chest Tube Insertion: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
    Chest Tube Removal (Neonatal)
    Umbilical Vessel Catheter: Use of Double Lumen UVC (Neonatal)
    Umbilical Vessel Catheter: Removal: Advanced Practice (Neonatal)
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