ISBN: 9780323394437
Imprint: Elsevier
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Clinical Skills: Maternal Newborn Collection (Access Card),

by Elsevier
Clinical Skills Online - Access Card
ISBN: 9780323394437
Imprint: Elsevier
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Learn to master the most important nursing skills before you ever step foot in the clinical environment. Clinical Skills: Maternal Newborn Collection is an engaging, web-based learning tool that guides users through 99 of the most important maternal newborn nursing skills. Each skill in the collection uses the same seven-part framework to walk you through every aspect of the skill. From special patient and safety considerations to the equipment and techniques used in the skill, this assembly of animations, interactive learning tools, and in-depth explanations will leave you with a 360-degree understanding of how to safely and effectively perform each skill.

Duration for access to this product, which may be at the discretion of your institution, is up to 36 months. Elsevier reserves the right to restrict or remove access due to changes in product portfolio or other market conditions.

    • Convenient web-based program utilizes the same professional format that practicing nurses use to train.
    • Consistent, competency-based format for learning skills offers a standardized way for you to learn and perform skills. Most skills feature the same types of skill learning tools to help you obtain a more holistic understanding of the skill and standard QSEN nursing competencies.
        • Quick sheet provides a concise, step-by-step summary of the skill.
        • Extended text offers an in-depth look at all aspects of the skill. Subjects addressed in the extended text section include:
          • Safety alerts
          • Supplies
          • Patient and family education
          • Procedures
          • Delegation opportunities
          • Monitoring and care
          • Expected and unexpected outcomes
          • Documentation guidelines
          • Special gerontologic, pediatric, and home care considerations
          • Evidence-based references
          • Additional reading suggestions

        • Equipment list helps familiarize you with each piece of equipment needed to perform the skill.
        • Demonstration animations visually guide you through every necessary step involved in the skill.
        • Images and illustrations highlight crucial procedures, equipment, and documents involved in the skill.
        • Competency tests with rationales help you review and evaluate your understanding of the skill.
        • Printable evaluation checklists help you measure and track various skill competencies.
    • Up-to-date, evidence-based content is reviewed and revised annually by clinical skills experts to reflect changes in practice as they arise.
  • 99 Maternal Newborn Nursing Skills
    Admission Assessment: Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Ultrasound (Maternal-Newborn)
    Biophysical Profile (Maternal-Newborn)
    Amniocentesis (Maternal-Newborn)
    Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (PUBS) (Maternal-Newborn)
    Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) (Maternal-Newborn)
    Nonstress Test (Maternal-Newborn)
    Contraction Stress Test (Maternal-Newborn)
    Deep Tendon Reflexes (Maternal-Newborn)
    Seizure Precautions (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fetal Heart Rate: Assessment via Intermittent Auscultation and Electronic Monitor (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fetal Heart Rate: Interpretation (Maternal-Newborn)
    External Fetal Monitor Application (Maternal-Newborn)
    Uterine Contractions: Manual Palpation (Maternal-Newborn)
    Initial Assessment: Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Uterine Contractions: External Monitoring (Maternal-Newborn)
    Sterile Vaginal Examination (Maternal-Newborn)
    Leopold's Maneuvers (Maternal-Newborn)
    Epidural Catheter Insertion (Maternal-Newborn)
    Delivery Room Preparation (Maternal-Newborn)
    Forceps Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Vacuum Extraction Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Vaginal Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cesarean Delivery: Circulating (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cesarean Delivery: Patient Preparation (Maternal-Newborn)
    Perineal Preparation (Maternal-Newborn)
    Birthing Bed (Maternal-Newborn)
    Laboring Patients: Nursing Care (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cervical Ripening and Labor Induction: Mechanical Methods: Advanced Practice (Maternal-Newborn)
    Magnesium Sulfate (Maternal-Newborn)
    Rho(D) Immune Globulin (Maternal-Newborn)
    Betamethasone (Maternal-Newborn)
    Hepatitis B Immunoprophylaxis (Maternal-Newborn)
    Vitamin K (Maternal-Newborn)
    Eye Prophylaxis (Maternal-Newborn)
    Assessment: Postpartum Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fundal Massage (Maternal-Newborn)
    Breastfeeding Education (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cesarean Delivery: Recovery Care (Maternal-Newborn)
    Epidural Removal (Maternal-Newborn)
    Initial Assessment: Newborn (Maternal-Newborn)
    Admission Assessment: Newborn (Maternal-Newborn)
    Apgar Score (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cord Care (Maternal-Newborn)
    Gestational Age Assessment (Maternal-Newborn)
    Spina Bifida: Initial Care (Maternal Newborn)
    Abdominal Wall Defect: Initial Care (Maternal-Newborn)
    Phototherapy (Maternal-Newborn)
    Phototherapy Blanket (Maternal-Newborn)
    Bilirubin Meter: Irradiance Measuring (Maternal-Newborn)
    Bilirubin Meter: Transcutaneous Monitoring (Maternal-Newborn)
    Oxygen Hood (Maternal-Newborn)
    Apnea Monitor Education (Maternal-Newborn)
    Circumcision (Maternal-Newborn)
    Circumcision Care (Maternal-Newborn)
    Bulb Syringe (Maternal-Newborn)
    Newborn Bath (Maternal-Newborn)
    Newborn Care Education (Maternal-Newborn)
    Head Circumference Measurement (Maternal-Newborn)
    Metabolic Screening (Maternal-Newborn)
    Formula-Feeding (Maternal-Newborn)
    Newborn Security (Maternal-Newborn)
    Newborn Car Seat Safety (Maternal-Newborn)
    Abnormal Presentation Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Assessment: Rupture of Amniotic Membranes (Maternal-Newborn)
    Amnioinfusion (Maternal-Newborn)
    Artificial Rupture of Membranes (Maternal-Newborn)
    Artificial Rupture of Membranes: Advanced Practice (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cervical Cerclage (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cervical Culture (Maternal-Newborn)
    Defibrillation of Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Dilation and Curettage (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cesarean Delivery: Emergency (Maternal-Newborn)
    External Cephalic Version (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fetal Blood Transfusion (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fetal Fibronectin Test (Maternal-Newborn)
    Fetal Spiral Electrode Application (Maternal-Newborn)
    Initial Assessment: High-Risk Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Intrauterine Pressure Catheter Placement (Maternal-Newborn)
    Calcium Gluconate: Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Ephedrine (Maternal-Newborn)
    Hydralazine (Maternal-Newborn)
    Insulin: Obstetric Patients (Maternal-Newborn)
    Labetalol (Maternal-Newborn)
    Methyldopa (Maternal-Newborn)
    Misoprostol (Maternal-Newborn)
    Nifedipine (Maternal-Newborn)
    Oxytocin (Maternal-Newborn)
    Terbutaline (Maternal-Newborn)
    Bereavement Support and Delivery of a Nonviable Fetus (Maternal-Newborn)
    Delivery Preparation for Multiple Gestations (Maternal-Newborn)
    Postpartum Hemorrhage (Maternal-Newborn)
    Precipitous Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Prolapsed Cord (Maternal-Newborn)
    Shoulder Dystocia (Maternal-Newborn)
    Sterile Speculum Examination (Maternal-Newborn)
    Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery (Maternal-Newborn)
    Cervical Ripening with Dinoprostone (Cervidil) (Maternal-Newborn)
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