Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT - Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study, 8th Edition
Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study

Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT - Elsevier eBook on Intel Education Study, 8th Edition


Master the latest imaging procedures and technologies in Nuclear Medicine! Medicine and PET/CT: Technology and Techniques, 8th Edition provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art information on all aspects of nuclear medicine. Coverage of body systems includes anatomy and physiology along with details on how to perform and interpret related diagnostic procedures. The leading technologies — SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, and PET/CT — are presented, and radiation safety and patient care are emphasized. Edited by nuclear imaging and PET/CT educator Kristen M. Waterstram-Rich and written by a team of expert contributors, this reference features new information on conducting research and managing clinical trials.

    • Complete coverage of nuclear medicine eliminates the need to search for information in other sources.
    • Foundations chapters cover basic math, statistics, physics and instrumentation, computers, lab science, radiochemistry, and pharmacology, allowing you to understand how and why procedures are performed.
    • PET/CT focus with hybrid PET/CT studies provides information that is especially beneficial to working technologists.
    • Accessible writing style and approach to basic science subjects simplifies topics, first introducing fundamentals and progressing to more complex concepts.
    • Procedure boxes provide step-by-step instructions for clinical procedures and protocols, so you can perform each with confidence.
    • CT Physics and Instrumentation chapter provides the knowledge needed for clinical success by introducing CT as it is applied to PET imaging for combined PET/CT studies.
    • Key terms, chapter outlines, learning objectives, and suggested readings help you organize your study.
    • Table of Radionuclides used in nuclear medicine and PET is provided in the appendix for quick reference.
    • More than 50 practice problems in the Mathematic and Statistics chapter let you brush up on basic math skills, with answers provided in the back of the book.
    • 12-page, full-color insert includes clear PET/CT scans showing realistic scans found in practice.
    • A glossary provides definitions of key terms and important concepts.
      • UPDATED content reflects the latest advances and provides the information you need to pass the boards.
      • NEW information on conducting research and managing clinical trials prepares you more fully for clinical success.
      • New information on administrative procedures includes coverage of coding and reimbursement.
      • NEW practice tests on the Evolve companion website help you apply your knowledge.
      • NEW! A second color in the design highlights the most important material for easier study and understanding.
      1. Mathematics and Statistics
      2. Cell and Molecular Biology
      3. General Chemistry and Biochemistry
      4. Radiochemistry and Radiopharmacology
      5. Radiation Safety in Nuclear Medicine
      6. Patient Care
      7. Department Administration
      8. Clinical Research
      9. Health Informatics in Imaging
      10. Physics of Nuclear Medicine
      11. Instrumentation
      12. CT Physics and Instrumentation
      13. PET Instrumentation
      14. Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
      15. Clinical PET/CT in Oncology
      16. Central Nervous System
      17. Endocrine System
      18. Respiratory System
      19. Cardiovascular System
      20. Gastrointestinal System
      21. Genitourinary System
      22. Skeletal System
      23. Inflammatory/Tumor/Oncology Imaging and Therapy
      24. Hematopoietic System
      Kristen M. Waterstram-Rich, MS, CNMT, NCT, FSNMTS, Kristen M. Waterstram-Rich, MS, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS, Professor, Interim Associate Dean, College of Health Sciences and Technology, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and David Gilmore


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