Job Readiness for Health Professionals Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 2nd Edition
Elsevier eBook on VitalSource®

Job Readiness for Health Professionals Elsevier eBook on VitalSource, 2nd Edition


Get an edge in the job market and develop the soft skills — the personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social graces needed to work successfully with anyone, anywhere. Job Readiness for Health Professionals, Soft Skills Strategies for Success, 2nd Edition provides a unique tool for soft skill programming to help graduates succeed on the job as effective, engaged, and high-functioning employees. This handy resource uses an 8th grade reading level and a consistent, easy-to-follow modular format to guide you through the essential entry-level soft skills like how to dress, speak, and collaborate in the healthcare setting. With two new chapters, new Video Case vignettes, and 48 soft skills and behavioral competencies, it gives you the tools you need to join the healthcare workforce.

    • Behavioral objectives provided for mastering each skill.
    • Worktext format with journaling activities and multiple self-reflection activities offers valuable review exercises.
    • Critical thinking exercises woven throughout skills include multidisciplinary scenarios from the field.
    • What If? boxes feature short scenarios that encourage you to think about how you would handle a situation in the workplace.
    • Case studies throughout use fictional vignettes to illustrate the issues involved with the specific skills.
    • Down a Dark Road vignettes depict what can go terribly wrong when a skill is ignored or not mastered.
    • Experiential Exercises are actions or experiments that you can perform on your own to gain a deeper appreciation for the skill.
    • Cross Currents with Other Skills ties together and cross-references related skills, pointing out the synergies and connections between them.
      • NEW! Highly anticipated Finding Your First Job chapter highlights competencies that you need to consider and prepare for when starting your job search, beginning a career in the health professions, writing your resume, and interviewing.
      • NEW! Video Case vignettes with assessment and implementation tools on interview skills, active listening, dealing with others, problem solving and decision making, communication, presenting yourself for the workforce, working as a team, dealing with authority, and enhancing your promotability provide a multimedia component with real-life workplace scenarios for your review.
      • NEW! Being a Student chapter covers competencies where students often struggle, including: taking meaningful notes, remaining calm and confident during assessments, and successfully preparing for practicum interviews.
      • NEW! New content on financial literacy, including managing finances and paying back students loans, covers the impact financial decisions have on your life — both personally and as you look for a job.
      1. Who Are You?
      Adopting a Positive Mental Attitude
      Managing your Time and Organizing your Life
      Achieving Honesty and Integrity
      Aiming to be Adaptable and Flexible
      Striving for Tolerance
      Being Dependable
      2. NEW! Being a Student
      Taking Notes
      Improving Test Scores
      Preparing For Externship
      3. NEW! Finding Your First Job
      Your Career in the Health Professions
      Beginning the Job Search
      Writing Your Resume
      The Art of Interviewing
      4. Ready for Work
      Modeling Business Etiquette
      Dressing for Success
      Displaying Good Grooming, Personal Hygiene, and Cleanliness
      5. Gaining Energy and Reducing Stress
      Gaining Energy, Persistence, and Perseverance
      Vowing to be Drug-Free and Unimpaired
      Managing Stress
      6. Being Easy to Deal With
      Building Trust
      Showing Empathy, Sensitivity, and Caring
      7. Dealing with Others
      Managing and Resolving Conflict
      Dealing with Difficult People
      Valuing Multicultural Competence
      8. Speaking and Writing Professionally
      Speaking Professionally in your Workplace
      Writing, Grammar, and Spelling
      Professional Phone Technique
      9. Interacting Successfully
      Listening Actively
      Communicating with Special Groups of Clients
      Reading and Speaking Body Language
      10. Planning for Career Success
      Setting Goals and Planning Actions
      Following Rules and Regulations
      Maintaining Confidentiality and Discretion
      Keeping Records
      Managing Your Money
      11. Enhancing Your Promotability
      Thinking Critically
      Talking to your Manager or Supervisor
      Taking Accountability
      Contributing as a Member of the Team
      Committing to your Profession
      12. Building Personal Emotional Strengths
      Building Self-Esteem
      Controlling Anxiety
      Practicing Patience
      Strengthening Resilience
      13. Managing Your Emotions
      Separating your Work and Personal Problems
      Managing Anger and Strong Emotions
      Exuding Optimism, Enthusiasm, and Positivity
      14. Go Forth and Prosper
      Expect Acceptance


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