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ISBN: 9780323597081
Page Count: 320
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $117.00

Sonography Principles and Instruments, 10th Edition

by Frederick W. Kremkau, PhD, FACR, FAIMBE, FAIUM, FASA


ISBN: 9780323597081
Page Count: 320
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $117.00
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Enhance your imaging skills with the latest sonographic technologies and prepare for the ARDMS SPI certification exam! Sonography: Principles and Instruments, 10th Edition explains how diagnostic ultrasound works and covers the essentials of ultrasound physics and instrumentation, including Doppler imaging, artifacts, safety, and quality assurance. More than 1,300 illustrations include ultrasound scans, helping to demonstrate imaging anatomy, motion, and flow. In simplifying complicated concepts, Dr. Kremkau succeeds where other texts do not. With the right blend of imaging fundamentals, current techniques, and exam practice questions, this book is ideal for both students and experienced practitioners.

    • Emphasis on the fundamentals of physics and sonography prepares you for the ARDMS SPI (Sonography Principles & Instrumentation) certification exam.
    • Coverage of current technology includes the progress made with contrast agents and 3D, along with the more general aspects of transducers and instruments.
    • Straightforward explanations simplify complicated concepts.
    • Over 120 ultrasound scans with a full-color design represent what you will encounter in the clinical setting.
    • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter give you a measurable outcome to achieve.
    • Key terms are listed at the beginning of each chapter and bolded in the text for fast and convenient lookup.
    • Key Points are marked with an icon and special type, highlighting the most important information to help you study more efficiently.
    • Bulleted review at the end of each chapter identifies key concepts.
    • End-of-chapter exercises test your knowledge and understanding with a blend of multiple-choice, matching, and true/false questions.
    • Glossary at the end of the book serves as a quick reference to key terms, letting you look up definitions without having to search through each chapter.
    • Appendices offer convenient access to a list of symbols and equations, plus a mathematics review.
    • Student resources on the Evolve companion website enhance learning with videos, a physics review, an image collection, and advanced concepts.
    • NEW! Introduction of the new paradigm for understanding and applying sonographic principles explains how virtual beam-forming and high-speed postprocessing can be used to improve nearly every aspect of sonographic imaging.
    • NEW! UPDATED content reflects questions on the latest American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) certification exam.
    • NEW and EXPANDED coverage keeps you current with sonographic techniques including elastography, shear wave imaging, acoustic radiation force impulse imaging (ARFI), miniaturization and POCUS, and vector imaging in cardiac and vascular flow studies.
    • NEW! The latest patient safety guidelines are included.
    • Softcover format makes the book easier to carry around and facilitates note taking.
  • 1. Sonography: A Window into the Human Body
    2. Ultrasound: Sound We Don't Hear
    3. Transducers: Sending and Receiving
    4. Instruments: Imaging Anatomy and Principle 1
    5. Instruments: Imaging Motion and Flow with Principle 1
    6. Instruments: Imaging Anatomy, Motion and Flow with Principle 2
    7. Artifacts: What Can Go Wrong
    8. Is It Performing Well?
    9. Is It Safe?
    10. To Conclude
    Answers to Exercises
    Appendix A: List of Symbols
    Appendix B: Compilation of Equations
    Appendix C: Mathematics Review
  • Frederick W. Kremkau, PhD, FACR, FAIMBE, FAIUM, FASA, Professor, Radiologic Sciences and Director, Program for Medical Ultrasound, Center for Applied Learnng, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, NC
Was $117.00
Now $111.15
Free Shipping!
In Stock