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cover image - Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills
ISBN: 9780323625579
Page Count: 904
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $111.99

Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills

by Loren Stein and Connie J Hollen


cover image - Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills
ISBN: 9780323625579
Page Count: 904
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $111.99
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Are you looking for a new way of learning skills? Do you want to learn how to problem solve and think conceptually? Stein and Hollen’s Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills: Fundamental to Advanced covers over 250 nursing skills in an innovative concept-based format with excellent illustrations, concise rationales, and current evidence. Unlike any other text, Stein and Hollen incorporate an overarching framework of seven critical concepts — accuracy, client-centered care, infection control, safety, communication, evaluation, and health maintenance — to drive home the importance of these key themes in performing nursing skills. Each section balances need-to-know narrative with step-by-step skills, and every chapter includes a detailed case study with a concept map to help you apply knowledge and use clinical judgement in clinical situations involving nursing skills.

    • Over 250 step-by-step nursing skills with over 900 photos and illustrations.
    • Language and concepts reflect those used on the NCLEX.
    • Concept-based approach to skills education pairs well with the Giddens framework.
    • Accuracy, Client-Centered Care, Infection Control, Safety, Communication, Evaluation, and Health Maintenance are reinforced throughout as Critical Concepts to skills performance.
    • Case studies with concept maps depict patients with problems that might be experienced in the clinical setting and are followed by a series of critical thinking questions with every chapter.
    • Application of the QSEN competencies: A question that challenges you to apply a QSEN competency is provided within the critical thinking questions of each case study.
    • Lessons from the Evidence boxes highlight and summarize current research that can contribute to evidence-based clinical practice; Lessons from the Courtroom boxes summarize actual court cases related to the skills in the chapter in order to help you understand legal implications; and Lessons from Experience boxes use a storytelling format to share the experiences of more experienced nurses with students.
    • Application of the nursing process: Nursing diagnoses that include specific examples of client outcomes and nursing interventions are presented within each section of the chapters.
    • Uses an easy-to-understand, conversational writing style.
    • Organized to present fundamental skills first, then intermediate acute care skills, and finally advanced skills often performed in critical care.
    • Critical concepts align with the quality and safety framework of the QSEN competencies.
    • Emphasis on safety and client centered care.
    • Expect the Unexpected boxes use a storytelling format to present unexpected situations that could occur and explore appropriate responses to them.
    • Home Care, Lifespan, and Cultural Considerations provided in each chapter.
    • Performing an Assessment chapter details physical assessment skills.
    • Evolve site for students features skills video clips, skills checklists for all skills, and NCLEX-style review questions.
  • UNIT I Fundamental Nursing Skills

    Foundations of Safe Client Care

    SECTION 1 Identifying a Client

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Identifying the Client

    SKILL 1.1 Identifying a Client

    SECTION 2 Preventing Infection

    Chain of Infection

    Preventing the Transmission of Infection

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Preventing Infection

    SKILL 1.2 Performing Hand Hygiene With an AlcoholBased Agent

    SKILL 1.3 Performing Hand Hygiene With Soap and Water

    SKILL 1.4 Applying and Removing Clean Gloves

    SKILL 1.5 Applying and Removing Personal Protective Equipment

    SECTION 3 Moving Clients Safely

    Benefits of Proper Client Positioning and Repositioning

    Ergonomics and Body Mechanics


    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Moving the Client Safely

    SKILL 1.6 Positioning a Client in Bed

    SKILL 1.7 Moving a Client up in Bed

    SKILL 1.8 Transferring a Client From Bed to Chair

    SKILL 1.9 Using a Sling Lift to Move a Client

    SKILL 1.10 Using a Sit-to-Stand Lift

    SKILL 1.11 Transferring Clients Laterally (From Bed to Stretcher)

    SKILL 1.12 Moving Clients Who Have Special Precautions (Logrolling)

    SECTION 4 Using Restraints

    Defining Restraints

    Use of Securing Devices

    Regulations Governing Use of Restraints

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Using Restraints

    SKILL 1.13 Applying and Removing Restraints

    SKILL 1.14 Applying a Mummy Restraint

    CHAPTER 2 Personal Care and Hygiene

    SECTION 1 Bathing a Client

    Skin Assessment

    Skin Care

    Bathing an Adult

    Bathing an Infant

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Bathing the Client

    SKILL 2.1 Assisting an Ambulatory Client With Bathing

    SKILL 2.2 Changing the Gown of a Client With an IV Line

    SKILL 2.3 Bathing an Adult Client in Bed

    SKILL 2.4 Providing Alternate Perineal Care

    SKILL 2.5 Providing Foot Care

    SKILL 2.6 Providing Nail Care

    SKILL 2.7 Bathing an Infant

    SECTION 2 Oral Hygiene


    Oral Care in the Acute Care Setting

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Providing Oral Care

    SKILL 2.8 Providing Oropharyngeal Suctioning With a Round-Tip Suction Catheter (Yankauer)

    SKILL 2.9 Providing Oral Hygiene for a Conscious Client

    SKILL 2.10 Providing Oral Hygiene for an Unconscious Client

    SKILL 2.11 Removing, Cleaning, and Inserting Dentures

    SECTION 3 Providing Hair Care



    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Providing Hair Care

    SKILL 2.12 Shampooing the Nonambulatory Client’s Hair

    SKILL 2.13 Shampooing a Client With a Dry-Shampoo Cap

    SKILL 2.14 Shaving a Client

    SKILL 2.15 Caring for a Client With Lice

    SECTION 4 Eye and Ear Care

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Eye and Ear Care

    SKILL 2.16 Providing Eye Care for an Unconscious Client

    SKILL 2.17 Removing and Cleaning Contact Lenses

    SKILL 2.18 Removing, Cleaning, and Inserting an Artificial Eye

    SECTION 5 Assisting With Elimination

    Applying Concepts of Safety, Client-Centered Care, Collaboration, and Health Maintenance

    Bedside Commode, Urinals, Bedpans, and Condom Catheters

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Assisting With Elimination

    SKILL 2.19 Assisting a Client Using a Bedside Commode SKILL 2.20 Assisting a Client Using a Urinal

    SKILL 2.21 Assisting a Client Using a Bedpan

    SKILL 2.22 Applying a Condom Catheter

    SECTION 6 Making Beds

    Types of Beds

    Types of Mattresses Types of Bedding and Bed Making

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Changing a Bed

    SKILL 2.23 Changing an Unoccupied Bed

    SKILL 2.24 Making a Surgical Bed

    SKILL 2.25 Changing an Occupied Bed

    CHAPTER 3 Vital Signs and Vital Measurements

    Vital Signs

    SECTION 1 Assessing Temperature

    Sites and Methods of Temperature Assessment Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Assessing Temperature

    SKILL 3.1 Measuring Temperature With an Electronic Thermometer

    SKILL 3.2 Obtaining a Tympanic Temperature

    SKILL 3.3 Obtaining a Temperature Using a Temporal Artery Thermometer

    SECTION 2 Regulating Temperature

    Regulating Temperature Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Regulating Temperature

    SKILL 3.4 Using Conductive Cooling or Heating Therapy

    SKILL 3.5 Using an Infant Radiant Warmer

    SECTION 3 Assessing Pulses

    Location and Differentiation of Pulses

    Apical Pulse

    Technique for Assessing Pulses

    Alterations of the Client’s Pulse

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Assessing Pulses

    SKILL 3.6 Obtaining a Radial Pulse Rate

    SKILL 3.7 Assessing Carotid Pulses

    SKILL 3.8 Assessing Peripheral Pulses

    SKILL 3.9 Using a Doppler Ultrasound Device to Assess Pulses

    SKILL 3.10 Obtaining an Apical Pulse

    SKILL 3.11 Obtaining an Apical-Radial Pulse

    SECTION 4 Assessing Respirations

    Assessing Respirations in Pediatric Clients

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Assessing Respirations

    SKILL 3.12 Obtaining a Respiratory Rate and Respiratory Assessment

    SECTION 5 Assessing Blood Pressure

    Classification of Hypertension

    Factors Affecting Blood Pressure

    Measuring Blood Pressure

    Application of the Nursing Process

    Critical Concepts: Assessing Blood Pressure

    SKILL 3.13 Palpating a Systolic Blood Pressure

    SKILL 3.14 Measuring a Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure by Auscultation

    SKILL 3.15 Measuring Blood Pressure With an Automatic Oscillometric Monitor

    SKILL 3.16 Using a Doppler Ultrasound Device to Hear

  • Loren Stein and Connie J Hollen
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