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cover image - Drug Calculations Online for Kee/Marshall: Clinical Calculations (Access Card),9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323680691
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $79.95

Drug Calculations Online for Kee/Marshall: Clinical Calculations (Access Card), 9th Edition

by Joyce LeFever Kee, MS, RN, Sally M. Marshall, RN, MSN and Susan Turner, RN, MSN, FNP

Online Course - Access Card

cover image - Drug Calculations Online for Kee/Marshall: Clinical Calculations (Access Card),9th Edition
ISBN: 9780323680691
Imprint: Saunders
List Price: $79.95
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Easily master all four types of dosage calculations with Drug Calculations Online, 9th Edition. Designed to accompany Kee and Marshall’s Clinical Calculations, 9th Edition, this easy-to-navigate interactive learning course covers ratio and proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis methods of drug calculation through an engaging balance of instruction and application opportunities. Each module includes interactive case studies, animations, practice problems, voice-overs, self-assessment activities, quizzes, and more to reinforce your understanding and ensure your mastery of the latest drug calculation best practices.

Duration for access to this product, which may be at the discretion of your institution, is up to 36 months. Elsevier reserves the right to restrict or remove access due to changes in product portfolio or other market conditions.

    • Explanations of all four major methods of drug calculation (ratio & proportion, formula, fractional equation, and dimensional analysis) expose you to all calculation methods so you can choose your preferred method.
    • Extensive math instruction and review helps you master the basic skills you need to accurately calculate drug dosages.
    • Modules are organized by topic sections and include an overview, objectives, learning outcomes, reading assignment, example problems, practice problems, and quizzes.
    • Additional practice problems not found in the text are exclusive to the online course for supplemental practice.
    • Narrated, step-by-step tutorials clearly explain how to solve many of the math problems in each of the four drug calculations.
    • The latest guidelines in safe medication practice from The Joint Commission and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices help you learn how to reduce medication errors.
    • Interactive case studies provide real-life patient scenarios.
    • Comprehensive audio glossary defines terms and shows you how to properly pronounce these terms.
    • Animations demonstrate specific concepts related to dosage calculation and drug administration.
    • Interactive self-assessment activities include matching, sequencing, labeling, and multiple select activities, allowing you to evaluate and apply your knowledge.
    • Voice over narration enhances the step-by-step explanation of math skills and drug calculation methods in addition to livening up instruction and discussion.
    • Quizzes check your understanding of all major topics covered in each module.
    • Coverage of the latest drug administration techniques and devices offer detailed explanations on the different ways to administer drugs.
    • Information on the role of infusion pumps (enteral, single, multi-channel, PCA, and insulin) helps you understand their increased use in drug administration.
    • Comprehensive post-test enables you to test your knowledge of key concepts from the text.
    • NEW! Updated content reflects the latest edition of Kee’s main text.
    • NEW! Updated practice problems with current drug labels creates more realistic instruction and learning.
    • NEW! Updated ISMP and TJC guidelines enables you to learn the most up to date terms and abbreviations.
    • NEW! Additional features for the vision and hearing impaired have been added to the course.
  • Basic Math Review (Number Systems, Fractions, Decimals, Ratio/Proportion, Percentage, Post-Math Test)
    Module 1: Systems Used for Drug Administration and Temperature Conversion
    Module 2: Conversion within the Metric and Household Systems
    Module 3: Interpretation of Drug Labels, Drug Orders, Bar Codes, MAR and eMAR,
    Automation of Medication Dispensing Administration, and Abbreviations
    Module 4: Prevention of Medication Errors
    Module 5: Alternative Methods for Drug Administration
    Module 6: Methods of Calculation
    Module 7: Methods of Calculation for Individualized Drug Dosing
    Module 8: Oral and Enteral Preparations with Clinical Applications
    Module 9: Injectable Preparations with Clinical Applications
    Module 10: Antidiabetic Medications
    Module 11: Intravenous Preparations with Clinical Applications
    NEW! Module 12: Anticoagulants
    Module 13: Pediatrics
    Module 14: Critical Care
    Module 15: Pediatric Critical Care
    Module 16: Labor and Delivery
    Module 17: Home Care and Community
    Comprehensive Post Test
  • Joyce LeFever Kee, MS, RN, Associate Professor Emerita, School of Nursing, College of Health Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, Sally M. Marshall, RN, MSN, Nursing Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office and Medical Center, Wilmington, DE and Susan Turner, RN, MSN, FNP, Professor of Nursing, Gavilan College, Gilroy, California
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