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cover image - Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2-Volume Set,10th Edition
ISBN: 9780323775571
Page Count: 2832
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $424.99

Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2-Volume Set, 10th Edition

by Anton N Sidawy, MD, MPH and Bruce A Perler, MD, MBA


cover image - Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2-Volume Set,10th Edition
ISBN: 9780323775571
Page Count: 2832
Imprint: Elsevier
List Price: $424.99
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  •  Section : Basic Science

    Epidemiology and Research Methodology

    Embryology and Developmental Anatomy

    Vessel Wall Biology


    Intimal Hyperplasia


    Arteriogenesis and Angiogenesis

    Arterial Hemodynamics

    Venous Pathophysiology

    Lymphatic Pathophysiology

    Section : Atherosclerotic Risk Factors

    Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Smoking

    Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Diabetes

    Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Hyperlipidemia

    Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Hypertension

    Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Familial Arteriosclerosis

    Uncommon Risk Factors for Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease

    International and Ethnic Trends in Vascular Disease

    Section : Clinical and Vascular Laboratory Evaluation

    Clinical Evaluation of the Arterial System

    Clinical Evaluation of the Venous and Lymphatic Systems

    Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Physiologic Assessment

    Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Duplex Scanning

    Vascular Laboratory: Venous Physiologic Assessment

    Vascular Laboratory: Venous Duplex Scanning

    Section : Vascular Imaging

    Radiation Safety



    Computed Tomography

    Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Arteriography

    Vascular PET CT and Spect CT

    Intravascular Ultrasound

    The Future of Imaging for Open and Endovascular Interventions

    Section : Perioperative Care

    Preoperative Evaluation and Management

    Intraoperative Management

    Postoperative Management

    Hospital Readmissions in Vascular Surgery

    Section : Bleeding and Clotting

    Normal Coagulation

    Coagulopathy and Hemorrhage

    Hypercoagulable States

    Anti-Coagulant Drugs

    Anti-platelet Agents

    Thrombolytic Agents

    Section : Complications

    Cardiac Complications

    Respiratory Complications

    Systemic Complications: Renal

    Neurological Complications

    Graft Thrombosis

    Graft Infection

    Anastomotic Aneurysms

    Local Complications: Aortoenteric Fistula

    Local Endocascular Complications and Their Management

    Venous Complications

    Lymphatic Complications

    Section : Technique

    Thoracic and Thoraco-abdominal Vascular Exposure

    Abdominal Vascular Exposure

    Cerebrovascular Exposure

    Lower Extremity Vascular Exposure

    Upper Extremity Vascular Exposure

    Spinal Operative Exposure

    Technique: Open Surgical

    Endovascular Diagnostic Technique

    Endovascular Therapeutic Technique

    Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgical Techniques

    Section : Grafts and Devices

    Autogenous Grafts (Including Vein Harvest, Surgical and Endoscopic)

    Prosthetic Grafts (include sections on heparin-bonded and spiral grafts)

    Biologic Grafts

    Bioengineered Grafts

    Non-Aortic Stents and Stent Grafts

    Novel/Evolving Endovascular Devices

    Section : Abdominal Aortic And Iliac Aneurysms

    Arterial Aneurysms: Etiology, Epidemiology and Natural History

    Aorto-Iliac Aneurysms: Evaluation, Decision Making, and Medical Management

    Aorto-Iliac Aneurysms: Open Surgical Treatment

    Aorto-Iliac Aneurysms: Endovascular Treatment

    Aortic Stent Grafts and Techniques of EVAR

    Ruptured Aorto-Iliac Aneurysms and their Management

    Isolated Iliac Aneurysms and Their Management

    Section : Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aortic Aneursysms and Dissections

    Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms: Etiology, Epidemiology, Natural History, Med Mngmt and Decision-Making

    Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms: Open Surgical Treatment

    Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms: Endovascular Treatment

    Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms: Aortic Stent Grafts and Techniques of TEVAR

    Thoracic and Thoraco-Abdominal Aneurysms: Branched and Fenestrated Endograft Treatment

    Aortic Dissection: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation and Medical And Surgical Management

    Penetrating Aortic Ulcers

    Section : Peripheral and Splanchnic Aneurysms

    Lower Extremity Aneurysms

    Upper Extremity Aneurysms

    Aneurysms of the Splanchnic Arteries and their Branches

    Section : Cerebrovascular Diseases

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Epidemiology and Natural History

    Cerebrovascular Disease: The Unstable Carotid Plaque

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Diagnostic Evaluation

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Decision Making and Medical Treatment

    Non-Atherosclerotic Carotid Artery Disease and its Management

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Carotid Endarterectomy

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Carotid Artery Stenting

    Cerebrovascular Disease: Carotid Artery Dissection

    Carotid Artery Aneurysms

    Carotid Body Tumor

    Unusual Carotid Artery Conditions

    Vertebral Artery Dissection and Other Conditions

    Brachiocephalic Artery Disease and its Surgical Management

    Brachiocephalic Artery Disease and its Endovascular Management

    Section : Acute Limb Ischemia

    Acute Limb Ischemia: Evaluation and Decision Making

    Acute Limb Ischemia: Surgical and Endovascular Treatment

    Compartment Syndrome and its Management

    Atheromatous Embolization and Its Management

    Section : Lower Extremity Chronic Arterial Disease

    Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease: Epidemiology and Natural History

    Lower Extremity Arterial Disease: Decision Making and Medical Treatment

    Aortoiliac Disease: Open Anatomic Reconstruction

    Aortoiliac Disease: Open Extra-Anatomic Bypass

    Aortoiliac Disease: Endovascular Treatment

    Infrainguinal Disease: Surgical Treatment

    Infrainguinal Disease: Endovascular Therapy

    Lower Extremity Amputations: Epidemiology, Procedure Selection and Rehabilitation Outcomes

    Lower Extremity Amputations: Operative Techinques and Results

    Section : Diabetic Foot and Its Management

    General Considerations in Diabetic Foot

    Diabetic Foot Abnormalities and Their Management

    Wound Care

    Podiatric Care of the Diabetic Foot

    Section : Upper Extremity Arterial Disease

    Upper Extremity Arterial Disease: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Anton N Sidawy, MD, MPH, Professor of Surgery, The George Washington University Hospital, Washington DC and Bruce A Perler, MD, MBA, Professor of Surgery, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Was $424.99
Now $403.74
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Expected availability date: 01-01-2023