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cover image - Evolve Resources for Root Strength
ISBN: 9780323778732
Page Count: 256
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $14.99

Evolve Resources for Root Strength

by Shannon Dames, BN, MPH, EdD


cover image - Evolve Resources for Root Strength
ISBN: 9780323778732
Page Count: 256
Imprint: Mosby
List Price: $14.99
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Student Resources on Evolve

  • Links to YouTube videos, films, TED talks, and related websites
  • About the Author


    Who is this Book for?

    How can you use this book?

    Part I: Identifying via the Research

    CH 1. Introduction: Humans First, Caregivers Second

    Human First

    Caregivers Second

    The Fallout of Burnout

    Why it Matters

    Root Strength: Sense of Coherence and Congruence

    Vision for a Deep-Rooted World

    Spirituality in the Roots

    The Journey Ahead

    Making the Most of The Journey

    Practices are not Prescriptions

    CH 2. What Does it Mean to Thrive?

    Engaging in Thriving

    The Meeting of Human Needs as a Precursor to Thriving

    Congruence: Reconciling Our Real Versus Ideal Selves

    Weaving in the Science of the Heart

    Strengthening Practice: Cultivating Social Coherence

    The Dance: Navigating Obstacles to Congruence

    Role Transitions.

    A Hidden Curriculum that Promotes Incongruence

    Not Knowing Our Self

    Digging Deeper into Sense of Coherence and Thriving

    The Journey Ahead

    CH 3. Stress

    Where Does Stress Come From? How Does Stress Work?

    Biologically, the stress response works like this:

    Empathy and Vicarious Trauma: Hurt Too Close to Home

    Attuning Practice: Empathy and Me, Harmful or Helpful?

    Strengthening Practice: Escaping the Empathy Trap

    Emotional Labour in the Workplace: Fake it till you Can’t Take It?

    Attuning Practice: Deep Acting with THAT thing that makes your Heart Sing

    Effort-Reward Imbalance: Not Worth the Effort

    Workplace Hostility: Eating Our Young

    Shame: When We Don’t Measure Up

    Perfectionism: The Pressure to Perform

    Homogenization: No Snowflakes Allowed

    Physical Violence: A Disturbing New Normal

    Heavy Workloads: Too Busy to Breathe

    Impacts of Chronic Stress


    Deflated Morale

    Taking Personality into Account

    A Recap

    PART II: Identifying and Reframing via Intuitive Intelligence

    CH 4. Assessing Root Strength and Stability

    Attuning Practice: How are your Roots?

    Attuning Practice: Connecting Emotional States with Congruence

    Attuning Practice: Incongruent Tendencies

    Strengthening Practice: Developing Awareness through Mindfulness

    Clearing Practice: Chakras

    Aligning Practice: Dropping in to Set a Goal/Intention

    The Journey Ahead

    CH 5. Nurturing Congruence with Self-Compassion

    Unconditional Positive Regard in Relationships

    Requirements, Qualities, and Facilitators of Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR)

    The Power of Self-Compassion

    Brain Chunking: Helpful or Harmful?

    Emotional Management at Work

    Mindful Super Powers: The Necessity of Curiosity and Self-Compassion

    A Fresh Look at Self-Care/Self-Kindness

    Attuning Practice: Relating to Self-Compassion

    Attuning Practice: Self-Kindness Assessment

    Strengthening Practice: Take a Self-Compassionate Break

    Strengthening Practice: Body Scan Strengthening Practice

    Clearing Practice: Dealing with bodily tension – Softening into Sanctuary

    Attuning Practice: A Meeting with your ‘Real’ Self

    Strategies to Remember our Essence

    Strengthening Practice: What do you ‘Really’ Desire?

    The Journey Ahead

    CH 6. Navigating Stressors: Managing the Weather

    Recognizing the Fight-Flight-Freeze Response

    Stress Busters

    Reversing Chronic Sympathetic Response

    Interrupting Fight and Flight via Breathing Techniques

    The 4-7-8 technique

    The 4x4 technique

    Breath of fire


    Breath counting

    Working with the Freeze Response

    Clearing Practice: Interrupting the Freeze Response

    Cortisol Lowering Activities

    Forest bathing

    Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    Sustained stretches

    Shaking it off with self-induced tremors, intense bouts of exercise or dancing



    Aromatherapy with massage

    A Warning on Using Humour to Manage Stress

    The Disconnected Self

    Substance Use: Using to Escape or to Heal?

    Soaking in the Inner World: Moving through the Layers

    Attuning Practice: What soil are you growing in? From Enculturation to Emancipation

    Clearing Practice: Managing Thoughts and Uncomfortable Emotions

    Emotional management

    Clearing Practice: "Shake it Off" or "Stretch it Out"

    Navigating Hostility/Horizontal Violence among Co-workers

    Attuning to Self

    Clearing Practice: Coping with Bad Weather

    Strengthening Practice: Finding Sanctuary in your Roots

    Strengthening Practice: Generating Unconditional Positive Regard

    Strengthening Practice: Using Music to Stir and Deepen

    Strengthening Practice: Reconnection to the body

    Clearing Practice Tip: Using ‘I’ Statements

    Attuning Practice: Distinguishing Signal from Noise

    Desire as Signal, Obligations as Noise

    Grounding and Centring through Heart Breathing

    The Journey Ahead

    CH 7. Sense of Coherence and Mindfulness: Deepening Roots through Re-orientation

    Sense of Coherence and Mindfulness

    Judging the Judger

    Gravitating to activities and substances to cope

    The Science of Mindfulness

    Mind over Body: The Healing Power of Mindfulness

    Training the Brain to be Mindful

    Attuning Practice: Observing the Breath

    Making and Breaking Habits/Rituals

    Attuning Practice: Creating a Habit/Ritual

    Attuning Practice: Breaking Habits with Mindfulness

    A Mindful Meal

    The Raisin Exercise

    The Why and How of Meditation Practice

    Technology: Supporting Mindfulness

    Mindfulness Tools: Neurofeedback and Binaural Beats

    Attuning Practice: Awareness through Mindfulness

    Strengthening Practice: Mindfulness in a Pinch

    Strengthening Practice: Improving Concentration with Breath Counting

    Strengthening Practice: Improving Restraint by Working with Discomfort

  • Shannon Dames, BN, MPH, EdD, Professor/Researcher, School of Nursing, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC.

    Dr. Dames holds a doctorate degree in Education, and has worked in various capacities related to nursing, program development, and research over the last 18 years. She is a professor and researcher with the Nursing program at Vancouver Island University, and a forensic nurse examiner with Island Health.
Or $0.00 with a valid access code
Free with purchase of new corresponding textbook
Not Yet Available
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Expected availability date: 12-01-2021