The Pelvic Girdle, 4th Edition

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The Pelvic Girdle, 4th Edition


Authored by Diane Lee with major contribution from Linda-Joy Lee The Pelvic Girdle continues to provide the busy clinician with the latest evidence and clinical tools/knowledge to immediately impact and enhance daily practice for the management of lumbopelvic-hip pain and disability. This fourth edition has changed fundamentally in presentation and content to provide the clinician with the evidence and clinical tools for effective practice. The new model presented in this edition - The Integrated Systems Model and the Clinical Puzzle - co-developed by Diane Lee & Linda-Joy Lee, facilitates effective clinical reasoning, hypothesis development and prescriptive treatment. It is highly unlikely that there will ever be enough research evidence to me the needs of a clinician who is faced with patients presenting with a wide and variable range of single and multiple impairments every day. Clinical expertise (knowing how to do the right thing at the right time) comes from disciplined, reflective practice and it is hoped that this text will help more clinicians become expert in this field.

  • Presents an evidence-based approach to the examination, diagnosis and treatment of the lumbopelvic region
  • Easy to read and clinican friendly
  • Demonstrates how clinicians can translate knowledge derived from scientific research into clinical practice and also use knowledge gained from clinical practice to evaluate the relevance of the scientific research
  • Highly illustrated descriptions of tests and techniques for practice
  • The author team - Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee and Andry Vleeming - all have international reputations as clinicians and researchers
  • Book now available in full colour online!
  • Website! Log on to www.thepelvicgirlde.com and use your unique PIN code from inside the book to unlock the following:
    • Over 240 tests and techniques video clips demonstrating the clinical application of TheIntegrated Systems Model
    • Full colour e-book
    • Further case studies
    • Historical perspectives and the evolution of myths

Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Abbreviations

1. Historical and contemporary perspectives on the pelvic girdle Diane Lee, Andry Vleeming 2. The evolution of myths and facts and the pelvic girdle  Diane Lee 3. The structure of the lumbopelvic-hip complex Diane Lee  4. The functional lumbopelvic-hip complex Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee 5. The impaired lumbopelvic-hip complex Diane Lee 6. Pregnancy and its potential complications Diane Lee  7. Clinical practice - the reality for clinicians Linda-Joy Lee, Diane Lee  8. Techniques and tools for assessing the lumbopelvic-hip complex Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee  9. Clinical reasoning, treatment planning, and case reports Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee 10. Techniques and tools for addressing barriers in the lumbopelvic-hip complex Diane Lee, Linda-Joy Lee 11. Tools and techniques for 'waking up' and coordinating the deep and superficial muscle systems Linda-Joy Lee, Diane Lee 12. Training new strategies for posture and movement Linda-Joy Lee

References Index

Diane G. Lee, BSR, FCAMPT, CGIMS, Diane Lee & Associates, Consultants in Physiotherapy, Surrey BC, Canada.


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